Post your most Bizarre falls from a Uni

im not sure if it is abnormal, but i was hopping along milk crates sif position, and i hopped up 2 stacked on each other, then hopped a fair gap to another and the 2 fell underneath me, cozing me to lose concentrationg and momentum, and i ended up landing no footer :frowning: if u know wat i mean lol

When I first started riding in 15’-20’ bursts, I once accidently did a 7’-8’ glide with my feet wide open waving madly in the air, and then of course falling.

one time i was driving down this parking lot and i saw a 2 foot drop, off a ledge, (i just got done watching defct) so i was damn i want to hit the drop… so i got my nimbus X… and try the drop but i didnt want to land too hard, so i didnt break the uni… any way this was the highest id ever attempted, and im rolling up to it and just tried to roll off… and BAM!!! as soon left the ground the wheel hit only one of my feet was close to a pedal and the uni went flying forward and i land right on my ass!!!that uni shot out like 20 feet it was crazy! and funny as hell…thats when i realized i was not skilled enough for that drop yet…since then i have worked my way up to that height, and sold the nimbus and purchased a KH20 trials… and im still waiting for it to get here…

one time, my friend was riding down this extremely steep hill, and about halfway down the hill he fell off the unicycle and hit the street at the bottom. his head bounced, but he was helmeted, so its all good.

On Sunday I tried to hop up onto a small ledge that had a 3ft drop on the other side, about 2ft of which were thorn bushes of some sort. I screwed it up and you can guess the rest, all very undignified:o

Mine can be found here:

I was riding my giraffe just for fun in the garage when I went over by our work bench, and hit a paint can with my tire. I couldn’t go anywere, so I just bailed onto the work bench. I fell off the side of the bench — on top of my brother! Neither of us were hurt, but it was scary!

My oddest one was when I was just learning to ride. I UPD’d off the back of the uni and thought it was just going to be a step-off situation but somehow my ankle got caught between the crank arm and the spokes. The momentum of the wheel carried me forward and I landed on my a$$ and elbows. Happened so fast I didn’t know what went wrong.

when i was learning how to one footed i got catapulted off the unicycle loads of times
makes a lot of people laff

I was crank idling when my foot got caught there and I fell backwards with my feet still on the crank/pedal.


when i was just starting to learn to ride, a neighbor was in his front yard with blowing leaves and since i was already off balance from he ran up and blew me off

I was hoping for more fotos :frowning:


HAHAHAHA…that made me laugh…

Had a nasty fall on my ultimate wheel, lurning to ride it last spring, fell forward, my right foot intended to land on were stuck in the wheel (homemade 26"), i crashed down, taking much of the fall with my right hand… with lots of momentum my body wad trown forward but my hand stayed in place where it first touched the floor… ended up with me landing with my hip on the upwards facing palm of my hand… Hurt quite a lot since my fingers were pointing forward with the back of them facing upwards…

Facing the fact that my fingertips allmost toucing my wrist, bent upwards, was quite scary.

Off to the emergency to x-ray it (at 3 am, don’t ask me why), nothing was broken, but it was a bit swollen and i couldn’t move the fingers much…
I got a map of some silly painkillers and was sent home, told to check back if it was still bad in two weeks…

That’s allmost a year back now, it got better over the summer.
This winter i started having problems with a infection in my right hand, probably because of this never healed properly, quite a shame.
It hurts gripping things!

I’m thinking of change to hold the seat with my left hand instead… thinking it may be a quite hard thing to do!

just today i was riding my MUni and i went to hop onto a rock and made it, but my momentum carried me off so i went to hop off the rock but my feet slipped or something and my left shin landed on my pinned pedal (not wearing my 661’s) so my leg kinda got torn up lol

Playing UniHoki on Sunday, I rode up to tackle Alan who was in possession of the ball. We were slowly veering towards the wall surrounding the rink when he decided to play the classic ‘V’, tapping the ball into the wall next to me and riding around me to retrieve the ball.
This is a classic move and not being born yesterday, I was ready to pounce towards the wall and cut it off. Being the cunning type, he saw this coming and turned to cut me off from reaching the wall (and the ball) first.
Since he’d already hit the ball, I figured that he’d given up his right to determine the direction of movement and that his cutting right across my path was illegal.
This all became frightfully academic as we both tried to avoid the impending collision by turning sharply.
‘Too Late!’ she cried.
We’d almost turned enough to be riding parallel to one another, but the angle was just too acute. Alan’s shoulder hit me just behind my own and dislodged me from the seat, none too gently. Unfortunately my momentum was still pointing in the general direction of the wall. More unfortunately, the head of my stick wedged against the base of the wall and, most unfortunately, the back end of the stick, long ripped from my ever-clenching left hand, wedged into my groin as I attempted arguably the dumbest version of the pole-vault ever.

Fortunately it all went down on the ‘other side’ to the hernia I had repaired about two years ago else it could’ve been nasty. After a couple of minutes of lying on my back and not believing my luck, I was good to go and continued the game.
It’s still bruised and a bit tender but Clair said not to worry.

well i was practiceing uni basketball then i took a rest and then i went to ride home i went to ride about 1-2ft then it felt as if some one had put 20lbs onto one of my pedals and i fell over my weirdest falls ive had

i was playing against my self in uni basket ball and im not very good but i wandered if i could dunk the ball off my uni

so i had seen ppl stand on the uni frames for stand up ww. i had never attempted 2 stand on the frame but i was coming up 2 the hoop i decided 2 hop onto the frame and go for the dunk…i made it on the frame but when i jumped off the frame 2 dunk iti missed the hoop and hit the back board

it was a long fall on my side …but it was pretty awsome

Re: Post your most Bizarre falls from a Uni

Not exactly bizarre, but good fun nonetheless. Playing unicycle hockey
last night we had the first rain in quite a while so the pitch was a bit
more slippery than usual.

As James had the ball and was heading fast towards my goal, I moved to
intercept him. As we were moving in almost opposite directions I had to
make a sharp turn to go the same way as him. Unfortunately for both of
us, the sharpness of my turn exceeded the grip my tyre had on the floor
and I made my first ever sliding tackle in unihoc - I slid over and
landed nicely on my side. My unicycle managed to knock James’ unicycle
from under him by hitting the wheel. Remarkably, neither of us was hurt
much; I have a sore side but with no visible bruising.

They didn’t go on to score, so I guess it was a successful technique.



I was hopping sif on my muni onto a rock that was like 10 or 11 inches tall, and there were a few people watching, and when I landed I was way over extended and the muni shot out backwards almost hitting a car, and I landed on my stomach on the rock, and somehow my shirt came up so it was my bare skin that landed on the rock. Luckily this didn’t hurt, but at the same time my left hand punched the pavement treally hard next to the rock-needless to say I couldn’t use my hand for a few days. It was one of those crashes where it looks like it hurts, but you can’t help laughing anyway…