POST your KH 20" trials setup..

im ordering a KH20" trials this weekend and i was wondering if i need to get any upgraded parts and what … so what do have with yours???

Well I only have the 05 KH wheelset…but I have it on a summit frame, with a CF miyata seat base with a reeder handle. I have some plastic pedals on it now but soon it will have some Jimmy C’s. Oh, and a luna tire.

The only part you might want to upgrade eventually is the seat, the standard base isn’t that strong. I think the really new ones are stronger though.

hey mate, yeah the kh 20’s are great, the only weak parts on it are:
snafu pedals - not very strong, but still pretty good
maxxis tyre - can fold, and grip isnt as good as the luna
seat base - not very strong
seat post - also not very strong

but these things dont need to be replaced, but they will probly be the first things to fall apart or break! Everything else is great

I still have one of the steel KH frames, but I upgraded pretty much every other part.

dude! get the 05 alu frame, its soo much lighter, im gonna get the carbon fibre seat base for mine, so it will be eevveeennn lighter :P, ill end up taking off if it gets any lighter :stuck_out_tongue:

I have changed:

Pedals to Jimmy Cs
Seat to KH gel seat
Tire to Try-all Sticky

i dont have a KH 20" trials but i want to post my Muni/trials setup anyway.

05 KH 24"
traditional seat post (much lighter)
KH gel seat (ligher and more comfy than fusion)
140mm cranks
Jim C. pedals
gazz tire
Hydraulic brake

Its the greatest thing i ever rode!:smiley:

But very expensive!

Nice background;)

Ive got:

KH 20 05
orange CF seat with rail adapter, kinport handle and blue bumper
Jimmy C. Sea foam green pedals
(soon to come new paint job)

I’m still using mine stock.

I have an old KH20, from back when the frames were orange, and the crank nubs would rip your ankles to shreds. but now I’ve changed a few things…new pedals, I’ve got Jim C’s now. and I totally kronked the crank arms, so I switched them for some profiles. I also got a new seat, but its the same one, just a new KH saddle because my old one broke.

seems that alot of you like those jimmy c pedals maybe ill get a pair of those, and can i order the KH gell seat from udc?? i didnt think i saw it, and is it a ton better then the KH, when i was riding my nimbus X it had a KH and i thought it was nice, a billion time sbetter then what i was riding!!!

o boy… the jim c pedals i like better than the snafu’s. There a hair wider than hte snafu’s and tons stronger.

The gel seat is really nice too, not as hard as the fusion(Stock KH seat). Its lighter and skinnier, and make seat out hops much easier.

KH 05 with this seat:
Its a Thompson post with S.W. derail cf base, Death grip handle and Cf bumper
With Oddesy plastic PC pedals it weighted ~10 Lbs
Left pedal is JC right is primo with grind plate


You know -I never thought that the KH trials was very pretty until I saw that picture. Congrarulations.


ps. The picture is worth repeating. Sorry bandwidth geeks.

mines still stock but i just got it yeasterday

are those pedal grippy? I would use plastic pedals but they slip out from under me! some one should really make some nice plastic pedals with remevable pins!!

The primo can get slippery when wet, the JC is pretty grippy in all conditions. And the Oddesy PC’s are really grippy when dry but stink when they get wet.

i want those pedals. therye so sexy.

Im using the KH05 Blue frame, chrome profiles, alexdx32 rim, extra thick spokes, luna tyre, thomson seatpost, rail adapter, KH fusion airseat with CF base and some red sealed bearing Jim C pedals :smiley: