Post your homemade trick(s) here

in this thread you can post your best, newest, coolest or most ugly homemade trick(s) you ever have done…
If you are thinking about a new cool trick but can’t self make it then just tell how to do it then maybe another one can make the trick.

here’s my first one…

converting in approx 1 hour and 31 mins.

That isn’t new… Not sure if anyone has a video of it but I personally have done it messing a round a while back.



Breaking dreams lol


Kicking while down.

+4… Overkill. :roll_eyes:

But OUK posted the first video, so he owns the patent :slight_smile:


5+ bloody kill :smiley:

6+ weird kill :roll_eyes:

+8 Monsterkill

I landed a combo with that trick in today :smiley:

Wrap-walk til wierdroll (that he called it)

i filmed the sametrick last week and thought it was an inward wraproll
and it was already done in this

so i don´t thik it´s a wierdroll

I think you understood the idea of this thread wrong…

So this thred is made for tricks that you have just learned and done… :slight_smile:

no for tricks that you invented

I did this sort of of trick at 01:15 I think many people have done it before, but i have never actually seen a vid of it :wink:

I’ve done that before…

+9 New Record?



I realize you are joking, but OUK had never seen it, tried it out, and landed it. I think it’s awesome. Nice job.