post your homemade handlebars here!

Hey Pete, you’ve got permanent visitation rights for the Florian Green. Any time you’re heading to Southern Oregon stop by for a spin. Likewise if I’m heading north with my wheel, I’ll give you a jingle.

Nice one. I’m getting a V-frame built up. I think it’s the future of road unicycling. It will allow the use of a normal bike stem and handlebars, and is a much stronger design than getting ever longer extentsion bars on the seat.

My unicycle position is pretty similar to my bike position too.

made some pictures today of my new handlebar setup
i have not changed much since my last design because i really like it
biggest chance is the bicycle seat.

because this seatpost is 25.4 mm i can not attach it to my 36 inch unicycle wich has a 22.2 seatpost.

just made a short trip and the diffrence whas huge and i really like it on the most unicycle seats i have the problem of it rubbing to my legs and with the bicycle seat i dont have that problem any more

have to put some km on this set up to test it bether but so far so good!

more pictures:

edit looks like i cant attach a picture ??
how does this work on this forum:P?

You need to click the insert image button (has a mountain as the icon):

thanx for the information:)

Any pics of you riding that looooooong boy? The extension is the the top tube from a bike right?

And how are you liking the bike seat?

yes the extension is the top tube of a bicycle frame copied it off dustin schaap as far as i know the first one to use this.

i like it to be so long because i can stretch my arm out,
i realy like the bicycle seat because i dont have leg rub anymore
but still have to test it out on a longer trip.

So what unicycle did you make that short trip on?

just made a short trip on my 24 inch muni;) build up from spare parts

Heres the first set of bars I had on Florian Green. The intent was to have close grips for mounting and slow speeds, as well as multiple forward positions for speed work.


I tried out unisk8r’s handlebars above. I agree that having something to grab on to closer to the seat would be nice. Especially for hill climbing. The draw back with these bars is that they are a little bit wide, and my thighs ended up banging into the ends. I’ve toyed with mounting those bar end grips on the existing handlebars (see above post from 12/11/08) so that I could grab a little closer to the seat. It would require welding some mounts. But I’ve found that if I grab on to the joint between the aero bar and the “T” stem (right where the brake is mounted) then that’s close enough. I’m not sure if the bar end grips would be worth their extra weight. If I didn’t have to weld mounts then I’m sure I would have found out by now.
After trying several different configurations I’ve settled on the configuration from the 12/11/08 post. I’m pretty happy with them as they are right now.


That’s sweet! do you you have more pictures? I may want to replicate that style. What is it made of? Where did you get the pieces from?


That is exactly why I added the “power grips” to my handlebar.


Pete: Do you find that you want elbow/arm pads like on aero bars when you are in the most forward position? Any pics of you/someonw riding this set-up reclined out over the long bars?

corbin: those are just cut-up pieces of 7/8" alloy drop handlebars, re-welded (by TIG) into the shapes and lengths I wanted to try.

brycer1968: I have tried mounting elbow aero pads (the folding type that fold up when not in use). They make it more difficult to ride, because your hand input is “diffused” by the weight on your arms. I think with alot of practice (no worse than anything else in unicycling) the aero pads would be useful for road rides, but that would involve learning to input on the bars with your whole arms, not just your hands. Hands alone allow more defined and subtle inputs on the handlebars. Hope that explanation helps!

This has been posted before - me in my 2005 “tuck”:


Compare my “tuck” position to someone like Dustin Schaap’s more vertical bars:


I am currently trying to get a working handle setup out of the remains of my t7 and other parts. Couldn’t find any of those stoker stems except in the states, and they seem very pricey. So I just got the idea of buying something like this and modding it with a seatpost clamp:ör,deka,zubehoer,7845391836739,7845350866056,7845456251526,25006005.jpg

It is made of aluminum and the max load is stated as 10Kg… Not sure if it would work anyways. The quick release attachment might be a weak spot too.

What do you think, would it be worth a try?

Actually it might be handy to use it the way it is meant as a rack too…

So I will try to find this rack in my lbs today. They probably won’t have it though.

to munirocks

that rack is not good for any handlebar modification if you ask me
we have one at my lbs where i work but the shape is not really what you are looking for.

if you do decide to by one show it!:wink: