Post your home made unicycle upgrades.

thats crazy…can you actually ride it very far?


I would love to see a detailed ‘how to’ for your suspension muni and disc hub.

It would probably need to be aimed at an engineering and welding novice to be any use to most of us, but it would be great if people could take a cutdown LTS, bike hub and some other bits to their local engineer, show him your plans and say ‘make it! (please)’.


Build update

Some more "Fine tuning cuts, filings and Tacwelds (Aluminum) but this is a little progress.

Home made stiffener plate made from flatbar aluminium bolted to square steel frame. Attaches to seat post and handle. Needed longer screws. Made after I snapped the stiffener in my seat. Works really well.

just to show you up tim:)

How Detailed?

I thought I was pretty much giving it away! Just look back at the previous posts and that about covers it. As for the disc hub— it’s a custom job that I came up with based on ISIS standard. Just cut, cut ,cut, and rearrange and weld up. It’s just a little imagination, if you want it, make it!

Hey, All. I haven’t posted in quite a while but I’m still lurking on the forum in the digital shadows so to speak. Here’s my modified Nimbus 36 which I love. My friend did everything in like 5 hours, and I mostly just watched hehe. TIG tacked plates over the fork sides, dark gray paint with white pearl and a clear coat to top it off…I think he did a damn good job. :slight_smile:

Nice job, but was there a reason to put plates on the fork? Not that it aint’ pretty!

i just spent 2 hours making this spiffy new seat cover out of some old pants i had in the closet. the top is dickies and the sides are jeans. probably wont last verry long but it was fairly entertaining to make.

Jarin, that looks ghetto fabulous…

haha thanks. it looks even better in person ( my camera kinda sucks). now i just gotta get some new foam inside and do some stronger stitching and it will be ready for action.

I just thought my ride needed a style upgrade so no, there was no other reason for the mod except to make her look pretty. :sunglasses:

Home Made Road frame update

Well I finished it after putting it down for a while. Now to test it. Not the best pictures but youv’e seen it in pieces.

need shorter cranks!

yes, but the best way to improve comfort is to remove your own nuts. not recommended

Brake mount mk2

Mark 2 brake mount. Thinking about mark 3 still

Double hole

Well it has double holes, and note to self: Don’t be so cheep, you can’t garbage pick everything. TOTAL COST: 0$ That’s right everything was picked from used bikes and garbage, About six hours of cut and weld time. Be more inventive.
Don’t like wheel, looks cool. But lopes at under 100 psi. could be the load on it (ME) 220lbs. But I can change it out easy enough. anyone interested? Made from trashed Mountain bike Spin rim 26" Cranks are two hole from childs bike. Old GT LTS 2 frame, check earlier posts.


I’m interested in ANYTHING you build :slight_smile:

I need to learn how to weld.

Welding is not really all that hard, just a lot of practice, practice, practice, and a half way decent machine. I have a small MIG welder that does pretty good with steel. Aluminum is a nother matter. Argon gas and more practiceing! Looked up MIG welding aluminum on the internet to find out what I was doing wrong. Now more practicing. LOL But sure is fun.

LobbyBopster… what part of Cali are you in? I’m a “larger and later” (230#X48y) uni guy myself and am very interested in learning more about your suspension retrofit for both my 36’er and my 24. Would help with landings as I’m trying to get back into skatepark unicycling after all these years :slight_smile:

Would love to see your stuff in person.