post your helmet cam links here...

How can you best convey that you’re riding a unicycle with a helmet cam? I have some ideas…

I hope to see some unigeezer eye view some day!

Haha, Helmet cam for uni isn’t very effective, unless you can see the rider as well as the trail. Otherwise, the viewer doesn’t know whether it’s a unicycle, a bike…or whatever. I suppose of you had a super wide angle, like 170 degrees, and mounted the camera in such a way that it would show the uni and trail, it would be better.

For me, when I want pov shots I simply hold the camera by the fully extended legs of a tripod, at various angles. Works well, but you are limited in what you can do while holding it. I have been thinking about getting the gopro hero hd.:smiley:

PS: those links aren’t working for me.

I made a free swinging boom and a motorized boom I control via wired remote to do something similar to your tripod handle… try riding a unicycle with what looks like a giant propeller on your head. the producer of Nova (PBS) pulled me over gave me his card and asked for my website!

Cool! Where you wearing the boom at the time? Any pics of it?

this is what I was using when the producer pulled me over… I duct taped the battery to my fore arm and used a DPDT momentary switch to control direction.

motorized boom5154.jpg

OMG! That must be heavy! And you’d have to be very careful of tree branches and stuff like that! Any video samples of it in action?

The links worked for me and the 3rd one showed from the POV of the boom cam. It looks really cool, but it’s just a little bit noisy. It’s probably because a lot of the noise is carried through the boom and to the camera.

it’s a geared motor, and the mic is wicked sensitive on the VholdR cam.

That helmet cam looks super silly : P I love it <3 plus, if you add tin foil: protection from alien abduction!

this thing is by no means as durable as the VholdR cam. I got it so I could lift it with my Mini RC helicopter… it weighs less than an oz! I stick it under the helmet visor so you can see I’m on a Uni. Just saw a version called muvi at Brookstone for $150!

Here’s some pov stuff I was filming Sunday, on very narrow single track. I was holding the camera out as far as possible with a new mini tripod, that extends out almost 4 feet. At one point the camera sweeps through some grassy areas which looks pretty cool. Needless to say, riding while holding a fully extended tripod by the legs–with camera attached–and filming is a challenge, especially keeping everything in frame and as smooth as possible, AND trying to ride fast! :smiley:

very nice! I was all excited by your zip line cam… like the results and remembered when I was a kid and had a manned motorized setup! I went on about it in this thread…

I just read that and replied. Yeah, my “Uni-Cable-Cam” really blows away any of the pov stuff I’ve done, but for quick & easy moving shots, the pov w/tripod works pretty well. :smiley:

Heres my helmet cam in action :slight_smile:

Theres footage from it in this video:

ok, it’s time to get better at riding! very inspirational, wicked fun stuff! thanx.

this mine. but I’m having troble with it because I’m riding to fast for teh camera to keep up so it comes out blury.

try using 3m velcro like stuff that locks together like leggos… they sell it at radioshack. stick the cam on the helmet with that and the blurriness due to vibration will disappear.

can post a link. I can’t find it…

you can get this at radio shack…

I experimented a bit this winter with a boom off the back of my uni.
Here’s a video I made.
Despite the HD camera I think the youtube video doesn’t look so great. I must have messed something up when I edited it on my PC.