Post Your GPS App Screen Name Here

Do any of you use Endomondo or any other GPS programs to track your rides? If so, would you be willing to share your screen names? I’d like to see some of the rides that you are going on.

I’m using Endomondo. My screen name at is San Jose Unicyclist.

I mostly use Strava but I just created a login on Endomondo and downloaded the last month of unicycling from my Garmin. Username on both Strava and Endomondo is Tim Rawling.

I mostly use Strava but I just created a login on Endomondo and downloaded the last month of unicycling from my Garmin. Username on both Strava and Endomondo is Tim Rawling.

I use When I started riding I chose it over others because I liked the way everytrail animated a little dot around the route I took.
I haven’t even heard of Strava or Endomondo. Maybe it’s time to check some other options out.
My username is muniorbust, just like here.

I’ve been looking at using something, but haven’t settled on anything in particular yet. Runkeeper looks like a good choice for me; seems more feature-ful than Endomondo, which I tried out today but think I’m abandoning. I hope to use runkeeper tonight. I’ll have to check out everytrail and strava…

– UniT

I use connect.garmin.
My name is giocologgi!

I use CardioTrainer. Never tried anything else so I’m not sure how the features compare.

I use the CycloMeter by Abvio. It’s an iPhone app. It sends data to DailyMile via ElectricMile (another iPhone app). My UserName is DavidHood.

I keep my phone my CamelBak (where I can’t see it) so I like that it will interrupt my music (iHome speakers) every mile/hour to vocalize (talk out loud) my average and top speeds for that interval. My wife likes that it will read my Twitter feed out loud so she can Tweet me a message when it’s time to head back to the ranch.

It’s probably not as accurate as my wife’s Garmin Forerunner 405 watch and mine does not have a HeartRateMonitor.

That (above) is for Cokering. When riding MUni at a new trail, I will use TomTom (another iPhone app) to mark the TrailHead in case (read: when) I get lost on the trail. It really does not work all that well and I would welcome any advice on a device I could purchase that would guarantee I could find the shortest route back to the car in case of emergency.

The thing I really like about Strava is that you can define segments of your rides and then see how you go against other riders or yourself on those segments. Every segment has a leader board. Unfortunately though you have to list yourself as a bike not a Uni so I am always near the bottom of the boards - not at the bottom though :slight_smile: There are KOM’s on most climbs as well and you tend to do OK on these against the bikes if they are steep enough.

I presume you can do this with other apps too but have not seen it. I guess if we can convince one of the sites to add a Uni or Muni category then that may get a bunch of us to use that site since we could compare against other uni riders then (although there may not be many people to compare against in some places). I think there was a thread on this topic on here ages ago trying to get people to email Endomondo to get them to add uni as a category.

I have the free Endomondo, but I don’t use it very often my main is Cyclemeter because I like the ability of the announcements.

David, I use mainly Cyclemeter also, I really like that app. I’ve run more than one at a time just to compare and of course they all vary slightly in both distance and speed.

My screen name is MJ Kemnitz for both

My username is corbin.
I’ve done lots of rides in the “San Jose” and “Santa Cruz” area…


I use Everytrail too.

Buzz, I tag all my rides with “unicycle”, “unicyclist”, and “unicycling” so that anyone searching for unicycle related activities can find them. I regularly search them as well and did not find any of your rides. You should start tagging your rides so that the community can come together on the app.

I’m using Endomondo atm, username Ville Kumpulainen. I used to use Sports Tracker but switched to endomondo couple of days ago.

Not to be a wet blanket (even though I’m good at that)… but there may be unforeseen privacy implications of publishing your GPS routes, let alone tagging them with some identity (anonymous or not).

If ever you cross someone, well-known or complete stranger, the Internet gives one many powerful tools to uncover someone else’s identity. Googling some of the screen names here, I can tell you the city in which some people live, where they work, where they ride, etc.

Tagging a GPS route just adds to that pile of digital evidence. Instead of giving someone an idea of where to find you in public, now they can also find you in private… on a trail in the woods where no one can hear you scream.

Now excuse me while I polish my tin-foil hat…

<whisper> Just between you and me, I post fake gps tracks that lead my stalkers into traps. </whisper>


That’s a brilliant move of counter-surveillance.

When did you retire from the CIA? :wink:

Actually, one of the first things they teach you in the Marine Corps is Anti-Terrorism. Posting fake gps routes won’t cut it. The best strategy is to completely randomize your schedule, including the trails you ride, the parks you ride in, the days and the times at which you ride, which car you drive, etc. Creating a pattern that’s predictable is 1st on the list of what NOT to do. :wink: