Post your flatland/street uni's here

Click “Post Reply” then scroll down to the “Additional Options” section and click “Manage Attachments.” From there you can choose pictures to upload from your computer. (That’s supposing you aren’t hosting your pictures on another site.)

Let’s see it!

You can upload an attachment as someone already said. Or if you already have the picture uploaded somewhere on the net you can click the “Insert Image” icon between the quote bubble and the insert email link.


Presently entertaining making a 36er, I’ve lots more uni’s but not many for street!

Photos of my uni! Would not let me upload images for some reason so I just used ImageShack

Try again, only you can see that link when you’re logged in. If I logged in it would show all my pictures. Images should have link icons by them

Sorry I’m not very good with computers…Thought something about that was weird but thought that I might as well of tried it…

Meh, I’d trade computer skills for better uni skills. Nothing to be worried about.

I bought one of those Reagents during the UDC 12 days sale last month, and I really like it - but what is up with that extra gusset thing they welded onto the frame crown?

It seems way too small to be any use structurally, and it’s super ugly! The short neck frames look like they don’t have them, just the long neck.

They won’t upload because they are so big. They have to be sized down somehow. But a link works

Sure they will, but it might explode anybody’s computer that tries to look at them.


Can we get back to posting uni’s if that’s okay?

Dude, you’re pictures are G-I-G-A-N-T-I-C! ! !


lol haha there small, but Image shack made them HUGE lol… A little patriotic back ground too haha… On my computer once it loaded them full size they shrank back to normal… About the gussets I’m not sure, the old reageant LN had them and the new ones don’t. I guess udc is trying to get rid of the ild ones…

Anyone have new ones to post?

Here is my uni with new wheel.

Very nice, Hudson!

Did you make that sticker yourself?

Thanks! Yes, my second home made try :smiley:

Very nice!

That’s a great idea, what material did you use? I might try it myself…

This is quite simple technique :slight_smile:
All you need is laser printer, transparent scotch tape and scisors.

Printing choosed image on usual office paper (only laser printer works, color laser prints work as well). Cutting image and stick it to the scotch tape (picture side to the stick side of the scotch). Now you have remove paper under cold water. Just put it under water wait a bit and rub gently until all paper removed, you will have transparent film with picture.
Wait until it will dry and stick it :slight_smile: