post your custom painted uni

i would like ideas on how to paint my trials frame

That’s how it looked when I ‘finished’ it anyway, never really finished it so it’s losing some of its orangeness…

frame oranje 1.jpg

Veined Hammermill Powdercoat

That Veined Powermill Hamercoat is extremelly cool!
Where did you get it from and how did you apply it?
Is it durable? Does it sustain blows?
'Cause I want some, it’s so wicked!

Edit: Sorry, I meant Veined Hammermill Powdercoat

yea pdc thats a pretty cool paintjob for a uni

Got it done at a local powdercoater. I’ve never banged it. It’s on my 29er. I think it’s pretty tough. Even if it were to be nicked or chipped, it would probably blend in.

This unridden beauty is still for sale.

Here is my uni, I had the rim, hub and frame all powdercoated, it was supposed to be closer to a cream colour, but its still nice.

anybody had one anodized?
im thinking about having it done or something.

that’d be cool, bare aluminum. can you really have it anodized after market?

well anodizing just involves high current dc, like from an industrial battery charger or something. there was a thread about it somewhere.

GAHHH!!Another reason i wish i had my camera now. Ill describe my uni

Cream White rim
Black spokes, hub, and cranks
Grass greean pedals and frame
and Miyata green Saddle.

here’s my camo DX…but I recently sold it.

Here’s my old camo DX. I sold it recently.

And here’s my current summit. I had it PC’d this “transparent” blue. Cool! :sunglasses:

Lilac semi-coker.

wow is that an extending frame? iv never seen that before!

It’s a short persons coker frame, I believe Roger designed it? There’s something in Uni about them.

Nope…its a custom mod…Cathy has little legs that wont fit a regular Coker.

Edit-Dustin Beat me to it.


these paint jobs makes me want to paint my uni a cool color…