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By mechanical build I mean that I just got all the spokes to sit at the same spot in the nipple (right at the bottom of the slot) then added 3 turns to each “short” spoke in the pattern (half the spokes are slightly shorter in the pattern I used) This resulted in a wheel that was within .5mm round and 1mm true, with tensions very consistent around 110 KgF.

This is much easier than building it up then having to adjust for round, true and tension multiple times because I don’t have a reference point to go from when building a standard 48 spoke build since my spokes are under-length and over-threaded.

Thanks for the explanation.

Woo-hoo! My seat is mounted! Finally, I have a flat seat mounted on my Shadow Base. I have a handle bar mounted temporarily, but it’ll need to be cut down.

All that’s left now is my cranks, pedals, and brake. I also need to cut a tail piece to protect the rear of my saddle. Then it’s time for a ride.

I gotta give major props to UDC. I was very suprised that they warrantied my seat after seeing that it’s not a common problem. They have gone above and beyond yet again for me, and I will never again hesitate to buy from them (like I ever have :roll_eyes: ).

Anyways, the build hasn’t gone perfect, but I think I’m still gonna be happy with the uni once it’s all done.

On a side note:

I can’t believe that as soon as I ordered the parts for this, UDC released the British Race 700c uni. I’d have bought one of those up real fast had I’d known.

You seem to have bad luck with that, weren’t you the guy who bought a titan one week before they went on sale?

Well at least this way you don’t have that weird tire…

Yep, right after I bought my Titan they dropped the price by like a hundred bucks. Oh well. Next time I feel like buying a uni, I’ll just wait a week and see what UDC puts out.

I actually really like the tire/color scheme of the British uni. But I like the color scheme on my my 700c better. :wink:

Finally, my dream build is almost finished.

I’ve wanted a 700c uni for a while and now I got one! I opted for a 2" tire though, so it’s almost more of a 700c/29er hybrid thing. This uni is built to climb. Road climbing is one of my favorite things to do (since I wanna be Aspen Mike when I grow up), and so I built myself a uni specifically for it.

This was built from the ground up:

Nimbus Illusion Blue 29er Frame (love the color)
Black Spokes and Nipples
Velocity Dyad with Halo Coating (gray reflective)
Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Tire
KH Street Saddle (gray)
KH Spirit Cranks (150/127)
DMR V8 Pedals (black)
TRP Spyre Brake (160mm rotor, still not sure about how it’s adjusted right now)
Nimbus Shadow Handle
Trick Topz Skull and Crossbones Valve Cap (for attitude)

The build went a bit differently than I had planned, but I’m still pretty happy with the uni. I didn’t hold anything back on it, and wouldn’t really change anything.

The TRP gave me some fits setting up though. I had a hell of a time getting it to not rub.

It almost appears that the (new) rotor it came with, may be ‘slightly’ bent, but I can’t say for sure. I have the pads adjusted a fair bit out, and ended up using 4mm spacers since they seemed to be the lesser of the two evils (4mm and 6mm).

I have it adjusted now to where it doesn’t rub at all, but there’s one part of the rotation where it is reeeaaaally close to rubbing, will this be a problem? I figured the more I ride, the more my pads’ll wear, and the less chance there’ll be to rub, but I guess if it gets bad I can get a new rotor.

Anyways, here’s some pics with and without flash to show off the rim and tire reflection.

Thanks for the help and info everyone!

(Shoutout to Bert [UPD in Utah] for the snub tail piece to protect the back of my seat. Great idea!)

Finally! It looks great.

And, hoowoodathunkit branding irons.

Those are my moms :roll_eyes: .

Next project for you: Make your mom a unicycle branding iron for her collection. :sunglasses:

Very nice. I like the reflectiveness.

It is pretty normal for rotors not to be perfect out of the box. A bike shop should be able to straiten it for you or you can do it yourself.

Thanks for the link Eric! Very helpful.

Looks great, Killian! I’ve really been enjoying zipping up and down hills in my neighborhood on 700c uni. I hope you have fun on yours too. I’ll bet you’re doing climbs that put me to shame right off the bat. :slight_smile:


First unicycle complete ------ for now:)

Nice uni. I like the tire. However, I haven’t been able to recognize it and Google isn’t helpful when ask to search for “Invader trial tire”.

What is the specs of this tire and where did you order it ? :slight_smile:

ITS (Intense) Invader tire.


Yes $15 at Jensen

That is a bargain ! However, I think Google hates me as I only find the 26in edition (like on Jenson for example).

How heavy is it ? How does it feel jumping around ?

Alright, took the 700c for it’s virgin ride today, the first real distance and climbing it’s seen so far. It’s a ride that I did quite often on my 36er: ~15 miles, 3000 vertical. Pretty good grind up to the top that’ll let you know when you get there!

Overall, the uni seems solid. No wheel issues, and the TRP is awesome. The disc is MUCH smoother than my rim brakes, I may even have to go to one on my Muni. I need to bring my bar ends in a bit to make braking a bit easier, and I need to add some air to my tire, but other than that it seems to be pretty much right where I want it.

Climbing was definitely easier on it, though I don’t really think I made better time. The change in wheelsize wasn’t lifechanging, but I do like it better. For the descent, I was able to switch to my 125 holes, and f-l-y down the mounain; pretty cool.

I ran into about 3" of snow on the closed section of road at the top that was pretty much one giant UPD for a mile or so, but I’m gonna say that doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall I think me and this uni will get along.

Project 32

Okay, so I picked up a Super Cruiser 32 off of Craigslist the other day. A pretty good deal at $100. Anyway, the plan is to have a uni, and an ultimate wheel out of it. The uni will be pretty straight forward except that I want to make the frame out of the existing Super Cruiser fork. For that I will need bearing caps, and maybe a tubing bender to straigten the blades. Curved fork blades could be alright though.

I had an idea to make an ultimate wheel hub that would be laced into the rim like a regular hub, only with extremely large flanges. That would hopefully make for a lighter wheel, and make it a bit more unique. I found a very small photo on the Bagley Ultimate Wheel page that is very close to what I had imagined.

I have been trying to think of something that could be used as a hub, but I haven’t come up with anything. Any ideas?

It might be cool to use a smaller rim as a hub. I don’t know if you could get one that would be strong enough though.