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And what is the most ingrained reflex in any driver? Brake. It’s the default reaction to everything unexpected. I don’t see the danger in that.

Here’s my latest. A mini jump ramp for 5yo son’s birthday. Finished just as he arrived home from school! He says it’s his favourite birthday present - ahead of a stomp rocket and bike horn, so it must be good, which makes me think it was worth all the effort.

A bit big for 2 1/2yo to cope with on his scoot bike, so I made him his own by tacking a little bit of board to a 2x2 (not pictured), which he also seems to really like.

Sorry for the badly framed action shot - 5yos won’t session jumps for the cameraman, and it’s not an easy shot to get right with a cheap compact in bad light, but I thought I should show it in action.

Unfortunately shortly after these photos were taken I discovered that 3mm MDF isn’t up to taking a 77kg adult on a uni - not without more support underneath (though it was OK for me on a bike). So tomorrow I’ll be replacing the top with something a bit thicker and maybe also putting in more cross braces. I have to admit I did think my surface might be a bit thin - though a similar sheet propped on bricks had previously worked - and was kind of expecting to redo the top, though not quite so soon.




and then he says:

Hey guys watch this!

As he jumps his bike off the ramp which has been placed on trampoline for added height :wink:

and what does the saying “hey watch this” lead to :stuck_out_tongue:

my current project is trying to find some cranks for my new KH 2004 24" muni, which would be awesome, if the cranks weren’t so darn long! (170mm)

Can you tell what it is yet? *

Can you tell what it is yet?

Can you tell what it is yet?

Can you tell what it is yet?

Can you tell what it is yet?

that is really cool! does the handle feel stiffer?

Some sort of ultra-bright LED bike light right?

That looks about ideal if you use the regular handle with no brake, hope it doesn’t overheat there though with our slow speeds and the sheltered position.

What’s the beam like? Shouldn’t be too much leg shadow.

Yep - that’s home-made too - put together over 5 years ago back when you couldn’t buy a light with similar performance. Here’s some better piccies of that (though the electronics have been upgraded a bit since then). See the huge heatsink on the back - it’s overkill for biking, so shouldn’t be a problem with overheating. The ziptie passes through the slots at the front edge of the heatsink for mounting.

Not tried it properly yet - only for 100m up and down a track - but I think the leg shadow shouldn’t be too big a problem. I certainly didn’t notice it on that test, though it had been really obvious with a previous more temporary mount I used which put the light about an inch further back. The extra inch forwards ought to make quite a difference. I’ll get a beamshot when I’m next out.

Oh, and knoxuni - I don’t think it makes the slightest bit of difference to the stiffness of the handle :sunglasses:

I need to sort a better mounting position for my light on my uni.

I’m running a modified Magicshine MJ808 (900 lumen) attached to the right hand side of my frame, I get a lot of leg shadow but I have got used to it.

Soon I’m hoping to have a T-bar setup to mount it on along with my cycle computer but I still need to improve the beam shape on it so it’s not lighting up trees and blinding drivers quite so much.

Finally got a start on Mr. Big and Tall, but after looking at what I had created I am thinking that Mr. Momentum has a nicer ring too it. I have to thank Nathan for giving me the donor rim.

Rim came out to a whopping 3270g. If I follow through with the plan tire should be in the 2650g range 3.7" wide and about 39" tall. Once rolling this thing won’t stop for anything, except maybe an uphill grade :stuck_out_tongue:




OMG this is going to be SICK

Better get working on that tire, fire season is just around the corner…

I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Are you sewing together a couple of Larrys? What are you doing about a frame?

The plan is to sew together a couple Origin8 Devist8ers and probably make the frame out of square steel tubing (or whatever is laying around when I get around t it)

nothing about this thing is going to be light, hence the name change.

Someone over at the mtbr forum suggested I make a fat Penny Farthing, needless to say I am considering it. (thinking trials wheel for the back)


Eric, that would be awesome! A fat penny with your monster tyre on the front and a 19" trials on the back would be sweet, freak bike style! Looking forward to watching your progress.

One day i’d like to build a 36"/16" mini penny in a design similar to my 29"/12", but I think a full size penny is on the cards first though…so many toys! :slight_smile:

brake mount & polymorph

This is a brake mount made from the adapted section of a redundant projector mounting extrusion.
The lever end is ‘polymorph’ a plastic that comes in pellet form and softens in hot water to a mouldable mass which then sets hard. Any shape you like :slight_smile:

How well does polymorph work? Always wanted to try making a spooner from it.

This is my first try but it feels OK
Once it’s on you are stuck with the shape you have moulded. The curve and the relief on the underside of the lever hold it in one plane. The feel is soft and waxy so you might want more grip.
Need to cut it off once set and not remouldable. (I haven’t tried it in the blender yet.;))

Project finished :slight_smile: Weight is 5,73 kg… could still loose some…