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Went out riding today with some other Uni riders at a bike park, was a fantastic day.

The KH26 was fantastic, it climbs like a dream and spins up so easily, everyone who had a go was impressed.

It was clearly faster with the bigger wheel and less rolling resistance, down hill was more controlled with the brake but the larger wheel seemed to allow my to keep a reasonable cadence so I wasn’t pedalling between stall points but spinning slower circles when resisting gravity going down hill. It more than held it’s own against all the 24"s

The larger wheel ate up bumps rolling over stuff fantastical yet at 1.7 bar the big volume tyre moulded over roots and rocks nicely.

I was even doing 1 foot + drops for the first time ever and I have no issue with the wheel build or the “thin” light weight rim, the tyre is more than stable (more so than my Duro at 1 bar).

The 2.4 Rubber Queen is an epically good tyre and I can’t recommend it enough


Awesome, the KH24 is definitely going up for sale!

the only negative with the KH26 is the paint seems really really thin I have worn through the paint on both sides in the first ride! The zero Q factor cranks don’t help although I love the stance (I have narrow hips). I will just strip the frame which I wanted to do anyway




Changed the tube to a Conti Supersonic and filled in 60ml of Stans NoTubes :slight_smile:
Weight down to 5,6kg :slight_smile:

Sweeet makes a big difference to the rotational weight.

I run Linseal tyre sealant as it is used by farmers and military so it must be good, it has lots of bits in it that block up holes nicely, I found the white silicon type sealants just weren’t that good

I will see if it works or not :slight_smile: Got spare tubes and everything with me.
I never had a flat spot during my downhill rides till now, nearly all flats happened during trials rides or one time at a marathon race (well… that wasnt a flat… the tire almost exploded…).

My girlfriend also switched to the light tube/sealant combi and saved 30g to the old tube (on the muni). She will also switch on her 29er, cause she had a slow flat during the marathon in Düsseldorf… she rode 9km with a flat tire and finished the race!
Maybe i’ll do the same :slight_smile: Save weight and be more safe in case of glas or whatever is on the track.

The trails here get covered in thorns and I used to get several punctures each ride on light weigh schwalbe tyres, changing to tubes with sealant pretty much slopped that, although i did get sprayed with sealant as a bit of flint sliced my sidewall :stuck_out_tongue: Beefing the tyres a bit (to Conti Speedkings) along with the sealed tubes totally solved it, so with the Rubberqueen being twice the weight as my speedking I am confident it will be very good at resisting thorns with the sealed tyre there just in case.

On a side note I though I would report back on my slightly controversial wheel build :stuck_out_tongue:

The wheel developed a very slight lateral run out as it settled in so I gave it a true and added more tension in the non disc side (and the disc side to maintain the correct dish) as it didn’t feel the spokes were at a high enough tension.

Wheel has been run lots since and is still true and at a much better tension, so overall I am still very chuffed with my first attempt :slight_smile:

Another V-brake solution. Working well. My first brake so I’m satisfied. More photos on my blog -

Brzda 02.JPG

Brzda 04.JPG

Brzda 08.JPG

finally I got my custom made turtle’s T-Bar, best for Muni, Downhill and Freeriding (of course with CF base only, I prefer the Axel’s one):



Looks nice and light!

I keep looking at adding a T-bar but after building such a lightweight Uni the normal KH T-bar seems a bit weighty to put on it.

Will you be knocking any more of these out? :wink:

Can you smell what I am cooking? Are you picking up what I am putting down?:smiley:

P6210481 (800x600).jpg

@Feisty and all who are interested in a turtle’s T-bar: send me a pm (it will be possible to let them make in different length and angle)

I am wanting to put the finishing touches on my trials PEDALS!!! what should i get yall

I have switched out my Fusion Freeride that was chafing me a bit on rides over 10 miles to a Fusion Slim.

It is pretty firm but very comfortable much akin to my mtb saddle and saved almost 100g to boot :slight_smile: I have done a few long rides and the chaffing issue is pretty non existent with just a little tenderness on my butt as it gets used to the firmer seat

I know a few others have been thinking about doing a similar swap and I would say to them to go for it.

I forgot to take any saddle specific pics but her it is on a rather muddy MUni


I am building a light strong 26 MUni so here it goes as i want it
red KHFFR seat
Kh seat post.
red Deity clamp
KH 26 frame
nimbus hub
some trials rim
Conti trail king
150 moments
red Deity pedals

I’m building a new wheel for my KH trials! This arrived today in just 2 days from TartyBikes! Now I’m just waiting for my nimbus 32h hub, KH moments, Rollo disks, Impact Naomi seat and Odyssey twisted pc pedals from UDC denmark. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Sound much like mine :slight_smile:

I know, it’s a bit similar but with different hub, spokes and tyre! And no CF base yet…

Parcel number 2 received! I bought some DT swiss spokes from my LBS and did my first ever wheelbuild! It took couple of hours but I’m quite happy with the result. Tomorrow I’ll adjust everything a bit and put it all together and have my test ride :slight_smile:




it’s complete!

Wheel felt fine and true! I still couldn’t try any hopping or tricks because my ankle is screwed but i’m looking forward to ride this a lot!!

Pic 1: before
Pic 2: after

The after build is for street/flat. I use longer cranks and different pedals for trials which is my main discipline!




Thats a super nice unicycle