Post your broken Uni parts here..

About one year with my KH 20" Unicycle
Does not include at least one KH '07 post, a KH seatclamp, and a KH '07 frame.

Kind of dumb to keep getting alu posts.

Broken parts.

Thus far I have not broken a single part on any of my three unicycles.

After over 2000km on my bedford 29", 1500km on Nimbus 36" and maybe 200 km on 20" I must be doing something right. Worn out a couple tires and replaced bad pedales. But thats it.

Perhaps my riding is more sedate too. Oh well. You guys really push the envelope on this equipment.

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Yah, but they bend really easily which then gives your seat more room to flex and break. Either way you look at it unicyle parts are to weak. People like me shouldn’t be breaking all these parts.


how’d you do that?

Harsh riding maybe? :roll_eyes:

attempting a 8 set’s stair with 180º bodyspin, but i did 175º and crash! haha also broke my CC tire

How do you break a tire? Do you mean you wore it down so threads are showing?

Isn’t it obvious, he landed and this happened.

Also, my broken parts include these





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i break the metal Wire, cable, … don’t know how to say it :S


no, i said this cable

That would be the wire bead.

My Torker Unicycle’s frame snapped while doing a spin.

I some how pulled the spokes through my rim!

one half way through

Spoke tension too high?

Nah, I wouldn say they were too high. There was still some play left in them before they came through…Just to many drops I suppose…

My 06’ 24" DX fame snapped the same way while on a uni ride yesterday (07’ and later frames are reinforced there). Luckily I was only a mile in and didn’t have too far to walk back :o

I had first noticed it on Saturday, the day before. I thought it was my seat coming loose, so I tried to tighten the bolts but they were already tight, so I assumed it was the seatbase stiffener plate that was craked/broken. To my surprise I had a very awkward UPD riding over a moderate sized bump (for me), landing on my but still holding onto the handle and the uni bent at 90 deg.

W/ my diminutive skill I never thought I would ever be able to do something like this. I bet it was caused by the accumulative effect of my many UPD’s.

I can’t decide whether to send it off for a free replacement or upgrade to a lighter, better frame.

I’ll post pictures if and when I can figure out how to load them.

Those Torker frames were made way to weak. I am really suprised they didn’t make them stronger there to begin with (even I could see that they were to weak).
EDIT: I’d put picks of my broken junk up, but I’m to lazy to take pictures.