Post your best unicycling clip on a Qu-Ax!

Hey Guys,

I’m making a Qu-AX video for the British Unicycling Convetions video competition, it will feature Qu-Ax team riders Lucas Wintercrane, Rocco Schulz, Forrest Rowell, Alex Rudelcis and Dustin Schaap.

Do you ride a Qu-Ax and would you like to be shown in this video? You can! PM or E-mail me your best clip and it will be shown in the Qu-Ax video bonus section!

You can’t be too good or too bad to send in clips, the only requirement is that you’re riding a Qu-Ax unicycle.



do you have a deadline for this?

I want to send a video but it’s in a friend’s computer and I would do it only in monday probably

There’s a Bunch of clips of Me riding with My Qu-ax Trials in my latest movie!
Chicago UNI

If you like any of them I could email you the original clip or something:)

does ridding qu-ax bearings count? :thinking:

Thanks for all your quick replies on this topic, but mostly your positive PM’s, cheers! I have discussed the video with my friend and teammate Rocco Schulz, besides your unicycle clips, Rocco came up with the idea of people saying a phrase about Qu-Ax, examples are:

“Qu-Ax rocks!”
“If I get a baby I will name it Qu-Ax!”

The funnier your comment is the more chance you will have of ending up in the video!

I will want to finish this video somewhere in April, the BUC is 19-21 April and the video will be shown there, after BUC the video will be available on the Qu-Ax website, Einrad.TV,,, YouTube and much more!



Um… How do you pronounce Qu-Ax?

In germany nearly everybody says “quax” or “kwax”. But I snapped sth up, that I heared Egon would pronounce it “Q-eX”.

I hope I hit the english pronounciation in my words, so you can imagine :smiley:

I’ve been wondering the same thing.

i say kyou-aXX

Hey, today I got some clips of my friend riding his Qu-Ax. Ill go through and pick out the best ones and send them off to you. =p

May take a few days though, how long do we have?


I didnt notice that, ill have the clips to you soon.

Sounds great! It would be nice if I knew about it though. :slight_smile: :wink:

sup. i ride a qu-ax, i might send a clip or two. speaking of which are ya down with egon becker? i talked with him in like june 06 and he said to talk with him in 07 about getting sponsored by qu-ax, cuz they werent currently in the budget at that time for sponsoring us riders. let me know, later.


About the pronounciation of Qu-Ax, no one really knows, I pronounce it ‘Cue-Axe’ because it has the little line in the center, but like Gossi said all the germans say ‘Quacks’ so I really don’t know, Roland Wende from and Egon Becker from Qu-Ax both say ‘Quacks’ but you know, say it like you want to haha, funny pronounciation will make for funnier clips anyway.

Hahaha you should log on MSN then :wink: I figured Lucas had told you but I guess he didn’t… I will send you a PM with some more info haha

Also I don’t think Qu-Ax bearings count, it has to be a visible Qu-Ax product. :wink:

Thanks everyone,


i might go out and do some flip tricks on my old qu-ax:p If the weather changes, though.

Hey guys,

I’ve just received some footage from Rocco and Alex, it’s pretty impressive and Rocco even got a little bonus on tape haha, more information about that later… I’ve got quite a lot of PM’s and got some very nice footage, footage I’m still expecting is Ivan’s, which I’m quite excited about because he rides a 24" and that makes for a unique riding style. Also some footie from Jonny Peacock, I don’t know if anyone’s seen his foot extended coast but he’s a damn good rider and rides Qu-Ax. Sorry I can only accept Qu-Ax clips but it’s a Qu-Ax video after all haha…

Though even none Qu-Ax riders can send in clips of phrases about Qu-Ax!

I will try to make a trailer pretty soon for those people who can’t wait till after BUC!


Hey, it might be awhile before I can film anything good. When is the absolute latest you need the footage by?

Sorry, the guy still hasn’t finished it yet. I’m not going to school tomorrow, so the earliest I’ll have it by is Thursday.

This is why I didn’t want to say anything before I actually had the footage.

i got a clip on my quaxtoday, ill send it later, dustin

Deadline is something like 10th of April, I also want to put some stuff from the German Muni & Trials Weekend (GMTW) in. Kris, it would be real cool to see some flips 'n stuff, I’m happy with any clip, I’m trying to make a long and interesting video, thats why it would be nice to see the best from all riders.

nice to hear, ill get you some more;)