post your bc wheel here

please post a picture of your bc wheel here

here is mine

I dont have picture but it’s only Nimbus with reinforced plates.

thoes things look kool and all but what do you do with them “other than just ride” like can you do tricks

What Hub and spokes are those?

Thinking of selling mine it’s barely used. EB plates.


how much would you sell it for ??

Not sure, (maybe around $60) but if I do I’ll list in the the trading post.:slight_smile:

I’m fairly certain a thread on this has already been made, but I can’t seem to find it.:o

I don’t have a picture, but mine is basically the nimbus one sold on UDC.

I put some griptape on the pedals because they were really slippy, and I got some of those blue nuts they sell for hooking your feet in the pedals to jump, but other than that it’s unchanged.

ya I dug it from it’s grave!

Nuff said.

Here’s mine, showing off at the IJA Festival in Baltimore, 1989. It’s a Miyata 24" rim and tire, red BMX hub and moped pegs (which have since fallen apart).


does someone know how low can be the Bedford low rider plate??? (I think they are called low rider :thinking: )