Post your accidents!

Hey has anyone had any funny unicycle accidents? I’m new, but i’ve had a few.

-Once, I unicycled along grass until I was under a horzontal tree branch. I jumped as high as I could, grabbed the branch, but because i was going so fast I went horizontal. It was wet so my hands slipped and I fell, with my body still horizontal, onto my unicycle. It really hurt my back!

-I once fell off and quite spectaculary skidded along for about a metre on my side.

I once jummped real high, and it was wet so my hand slipped off the handle :smiley:

I’ve had two falls worth mention. The first was on a cycling tour in southern Indiana called the Hilly Hundred on my modified 29" nimbus road cycle.

I fell…Yes, it was down hill…no I did not get hurt. I was flying down a hill and must have either tagged some gravel or the road crown wrong. My Right foot lost the pedal and as I tried to regain it at full speed (around 19MPH) my left foot lost it…the next thing I knew I wobbled and leaned far back off my cycle and ran for my life as I hit the ground…very close to disaster. My unicycle flew out from under me into a ditch nearly 60 feet away with a loud noise and I just stood at a standstill watching it…shaking for a second from fear…Thank God I didn’t lose my feet when I jumped backwards…with cyclists nearby in all directions flying down the hill at 40-50MPH, I’m glad I landed on my feet and got off to the side of the road quick…

The second fall was on a newly purchased 36" nimbus DX. While riding across town to work one morning I discovered that I can get 3 miles to work in 10 minutes flat on my new 36" unicycle. Though speed and balance as well as traffic light timing are crucial in doing so, there are other small aspects which may cause time to be lost. These things include but are not limited to:

- Sunspots

- Solar Flares

- Snagging a shoelace at 15MPH and realizing that you're just going to have to jump off...even though you cant.

So my first fall from my 36er was spectacular and left me limping to work from the ice skating rink to downtown.

Damn you can average 18 mph for 3 miles? that’s impressive!

110’s on a 36…but its mostly downhill from campus to downtown where I work

What size cranks are you using to get you nearly 20mph? And may I ask, why are you going so fast? It’s nearly impossible to run out at that speed if you upd, so you’re risking serious injury, not to mention the uni flying into something or someone.

riding to work at 6AM on a saturday morning in a college town is amazing (its a ghost town). Also, I dont ride without a helmet and can stay stable at speeds up to 20MPH. the cranks are 110mm. I obviously do ride much slower during the day when its busy outside.

^ the cycle

Even with 110’s you would still have to be going pretty much all out to hit 20mph. (edit–I just read that it’s mostly downhill whcih would explain part of it) but then, I hit 14.2 with 175’s, so I guess that’s possible. But you gotta be spinning like crazy! I guess everybody who ride cokers do it for different reasons. For me, I like going long distances, so 20mph is just plain rediculous to try to maintain for even a mile, let alone a 50 miler! I prefer a comfortable pace somehwere between 9-11 mph over the long run, but I’ve never ridden a coker with cranks shorter than 150mm. So my new setup will have 128’s which seem like a good overall choice for decent speed, without making climbing too hard.

i’ve slid down more then a few stair-rails on my crotch…
you have to PM me if you want to hear about my bad accident…

is your bad accident rated worse than PG-13? :stuck_out_tongue:

well, kinda…
I posted it in Most Replys, but then again, MR is different…

My worst crash was the result of dismounting to avoid a duck. On campus in my town there is a duck pond with these great walking stones placed a small distance apart. With the slope and the sort of soft ground it make a challenge to hop from one to the next. Well I was hoping stone to stone when I realized that a duck was being chased by three other rather “excited” ducks right towards me. I tried to do a graceful dismount but slipped on the soft ground. I fell all of the way to the ground. Physically I was fine but my pride, lets just say the duck pond has lots of ducks.

you can run out


A very good sprinter can hold 20mph for 12 seconds, but i doubt anyone can accelearte their legs from stationary to 20mph in the time it takes to fall from a coker, you would not stand a chance of running out at this speed.

sorry for bad post lol, I should of said I have heard of people running out at speeds like this. (hmmmmm was it in km/h…)

true. the only hope I had when Ive run out at a speed like that was dumb luck because I was wearing smooth bottomed chuck taylors and on the way to the ground my feet landed on loose gravel on the road that I slid on long enough to gain balance and run it out.

That’s what I was thinking.:slight_smile:

i got chloselined by a metal canle in the dark once

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