Post Your 36er Here

I’ve had two pairs of those venture 2 cotterless cranks in two lengths and they are definitely worth the money. I didn’t think I would notice a difference but there was. For the better, lighter and way less flex than the united cranks.

Hi, could you please post detailed photo of the break? I would like to make a brake for my old 36", and it could help me a lot :wink: Btw do you know the name of this brake? Thanx :slight_smile:

Edit: Is it this brake?

*brake :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, that’s it.

I’ve used those, they aren’t the best looking, and they are obviously the cheapest cranks available, but they do work. I’d really worry about bending them if I’d used them for drops or hopping.

Added an Impact saddle, black seat post, and new pedals to my Titan. The pedals don’t exactly match the frame color, so I’m not sure if it’s better with the stock black pedals or the slightly mismatched yellow ones. Also, I’ll replace the cranks with Ventures as soon as they’re available.

The seat feels much more comfortable now with the Impact, and I’m looking forward to testing it over longer distances this weekend.

Also, after reading through past threads, I’ve been practicing a rolling mount so I can get up more consistently. I’m doing a two-stepper and it already seems a lot better than the static/rollback I was doing before.

I think the pedals look good.

Rolling mount is definitely easier than a roll back mount.

Ordered some 150mm Venture’s yesterday. Not Venture 2’s. Plain ol’ Ventures. Extended climbs, here I come.

Yummy unicycle. Looks great with the saddle!

That thing just keeps getting better and better looking! The new seat looks way cool.

Thanks, guys…I like it too. Planning on a 28 mile ride this weekend that I’m sooo looking forward to.

By the way, if anyone’s interested in painting their uni, all I did was find a color I liked on Powder by the Pound, bought one pound of it, and found a local guy who did the coating. All told it cost me $70, which I didn’t think was too bad.

Very nice!

After 3 years of absence from the forum, I’m back ! Missed you guys :slight_smile:

Back in early 2009, I had acquired the KH36 (I don’t remember if it was the 2008 or 2009 version).
I’ve been riding it most everyday since, but about a year ago, the seat post started to get a little lose, no matter how strong I tightened the seat post clamp. At every mount and every time I turned a little too fast, the seat would turn some 30° and I had to put it back by hitting the T7 with the flat of my hand.
So many things happened in my life since I bought the KH36 (death of both my parents and all the consequences) that I didn’t have it in me to solve the issue.
But now life is back on track, so I’m happy to present you with my latest update :

  • new frame : KH36 2012
  • new crancks : KH Spirit 127/150
  • new brake : Avid Elixir 1 + Shimano disc 160mm (I hated the instability of the rim brakes, I had the Magura HS33 but never kept it installed)
  • new saddle : KH Fusion Slim (with the nose high up, I just gave it a try and it seems it’s going to hurt my crotch less, hurray :))
  • new T7 handles
  • new seat post clamp : black KH double bolt (I wanted the Nimbus dual but it doesn’t exist in black)
  • new inner tube : 52-787 Foss/Nimbus (instead of Michelin 622/635x23-35)
  • switched back to my old pedals : Odyssey Jim C. TrailMix Black

But this is temporary (yeah, I like to go big :sunglasses: ), I’m waiting for some Wellgo CNC B143 Flat Pedals, which are flatter and much lighter (380g/pr) than the Odisseys (565g/pr), and I’m about to order a few things at ( in Germany) :

  • KH/Schlumpf hub + Stealth2 rim + black spokes (my dream since I first saw the Schlumpf 4-5 years ago - life is too short and dreams exist so we can materialize them, we are the co-creators :wink: )
  • new Adjustable KH seat post (OPC, whatever that means, but what matters to me is that it’s in one piece unlike the old version as I had some play in there too)
  • … nothing left from the original KH36 :smiley:

I have found a shop not too far from here (30 min by car) who does powder coating.
I’m still not sure I’ll go through with that idea, but I’d love to paint my new frame in matt black…

Good choice! I like my KH Slim a lot.

Get ready for a challenge with that Schlumpf in a big wheel. Geared Cokering is difficult.

I only did a short ride today since I installed it 2 days ago, but combined with the new angle, I think I’ll like it a lot too !
It completely changes my riding position, I feel much more in control…
The disc brake is amazing, too, so much smoother and easier to install than a rim brake…
I’m already very happy with this upgrade.

Yeeehaaa. I’ve been riding my KH36 almost everyday for 4 years, it completely lost the challenge/fear factor…
It was about time I get scared of my wheel again :wink:

Ok, after a few more kms, a few things emerge :

  • the Avid Elixir 1 brake is already leaking, and I couldn’t center it 100% so the rotor is touching the pads over a 45° section.
    As I’ve read a few negative things on the Avid, and none on the Shimano (especially from Nurse Ben), so I’ve just bitten the bullet and ordered a “Shimano Deore M596 Disc Brake - Front - 1000mm Hose - RH Lever” at Chain Reaction Cycles for 52.77€ shipping included (actually, free shipping to Belgium for orders over 50€)

  • the KH Slim is to hard on my bottocks after all. I think I’ll get a KH Street 2012 with my next order at municycle (with the Schlumpf wheel). I already have 2 or 3 KH saddles, but they all date before 2010 and it is my understanding KH changed his saddles a lot in 2011… Anyways, I’m investing 1400€ in a KH/Schlumpf 36" wheel, 40€ for a saddle is nothing (especially for the comfort of my lower self)

Hard is good. People don’t Coker on Fusion FreeRide saddles because they have too much padding. My Louis Garneau bib shorts provide all the cushion I need.

Kris’ book actually recommends the Street for riding long distances on 36ers. I’d like to try one myself. I’ve also heard good things about Impact ‘Naomi’ saddles on 36ers but I understand they are as firm as the Slim so it sounds like the Street might be your saddle of choice.

Is that a DIY paint job? Looks good and also an unusual color choice.

Right !
I have yet to try shorts, though…
As this is my main means of transportation, it might not be practical to wear cycling shorts all day long…
(In other words, I don’t go out to ride my uni, I ride my uni to go out :p)

Actually, I’ve been riding my KH36 for 4 years with the Street.
I liked it a lot, cushionwise, but it gave me chaffing on long rides…
I guess that’s inevitable…
It was much worse with the Freeride so I wanted to experiment this time with an even slimmer saddle.
But maybe the Slim will give in a bit in time and adjust to my body shape and it could be better for long rides.
It’s always a matter of compromise, anyways :stuck_out_tongue:
Moreover, I’m curious to check the evolution of the Street… Testing KH gear is always a pleasure :slight_smile:

Kinda, Terry. I didn’t exactly do it myself. After I ordered it I spent an hour looking through colors on a powder coat supply website. Once I had the powder and the unicycle, I took them to a local powder coater. Total cost was $70, plus I’ve got about 1/2 pound of the powder left in case I want to do pedals, cranks, or whatever later.

That’s what I’ve got and it’s awesome!