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I just read the article. Excellent!

What brand of 36" uni is most popular now?

I notice none of them get big interest on the Trading Post, but the regular Cokers seem to be the most neglected, even if they have all the “bells and whistles” and brakes and T7 handles.

Could this be so? Are other unis edging out the regular old Cokers?

Or are people less willing to buy the regular Coker second hand, whereas a KH 36" gets more interest?

If so, why?

The coker has 48 spokes, and a 4 ply tire that makes it heavier, I hear they’re a little less efficient (probably more durable though) Could be speculation. . .

Nimbus has 36 spokes and a 2 ply tire

I know of almost nobody who rides the insanely heavy V2. (“squid”)

Personal opinion: if you’re going to spend that much money on it already, it’s not worth it to save 100 bucks by buying it used.

I certainly think that people trust more in the longevity of the KH, whether true or not.

People also seem to like the ISIS drive and the wider hub.

also. . the coker saddle has to be swapped for something more comfy (but so does the nimbus saddle in my opinion)

I know here in atlanta, the regular riders all have the nightrider (or nightrider pro)
. . . thought about a KH. . . girlfriend will have to need a 36er before I can constitute buying one.

Good answer.

You make me think that the Nimbus is most popular for good reason, because its so much better than the Coker, without the much higher price of the KH.

new to me Coker

Just bought this yesterday … steel frame & rim Coker … I already took the brake off, it will go back on after I get a better wheel, or get the old wheel trued. Curently the wheel rubs the brake just enough to throw my balance off.

Why the handlebar

I have just discovered Rec.Sport.Unicycling and have really enjoyed all the 36’er pictures. I have been riding a cheap 24 incher for 40 years and have not been exposed to any different. I have asked Santa for a Nimbus Titan 36’er for Christmas. Plane Jane with no handlebar or brake.

So…what’s the deal with the handle bars? They just don’t seem to make sense on a unicycle any more than having handlebars while walking. In fact, the other day, someone asked “What do you do with your hands when riding the unicycle?” to which my answer was “What do you do with your hands when walking?”. That was the best answer I could think of.

Would like to hear of the experience of handlebars v. no handlebars on a 36 incher?

its to help with saddle soreness by pushing down with your hands. you cant really do it as well with the regular plastic handle on most saddles.

that said, i hate handlebars, at least the t7

i only ride my 36 for sprint seshs.

I recently bought a 29, and added T-7 handlebars. I got hooked on the T-7 when I bought my Nightrider 36. Handlebars eliminate the need to hunt and grab for the seat handle, and also enable you to shift some weight off the seat (and onto your arms and shoulders), esp when going fast (or repositioning). I’m hooked on the T-7’s…

The Titan works fine with no handlebar but if you find yourself constantly holding the seat you may be better off with a handlebar.I find my balance works better holding the handlebar on anything other than a very smooth surface.


no time to ride, so i put mine in here (hope i didn’t already)

It’s only a few ounces more than the Big One (aluminum) frame. The difference is less than if you switched the Coker crankset for an ISIS hub with Moment cranks. Just not as strong of course.

I’m still not sold on the ISIS drive for my 36". My 2002 Coker (narrow hub) has been ridden everywhere and is still fine. So’s the cottered hub on my 1982 45" Big Wheel BTW. I don’t do drops with it (except the ocassional curb or similar) but my old Coker’s been on all kinds of dirt and bumpy stuff. And I think the current Coker hub is as wide as, if not wider than, the ISIS ones.

Interesting. Since they’re all variations on the KH, I don’t see that much of a difference. It’s more in the area of personal preference than obvious comfort differences. I rode my “new” (2008) Coker with the stock seat with no complaints. However this is not the case with the early Cokers, which came with the Viscount saddle. Yuck.

You just haven’t been riding long/far enough to realize how great they can be. In my early days of riding I couldn’t see the point of holding onto the seat. Now I seldom let go when riding on trails. And never while track racing. But that’s mostly for keeping yourself attached to the uni. in those activities. For road riding, it’s more about taking weight off the saddle. I’ve been spoiled by handles ever since I put on on my 2002 Coker.

I was never a fan of the T7, due to its neutral height. Too high and too short to lean on; it can’t really take any of your weight. But even then, I think I’d rather have a T7 than nothing when road riding. For other types of riding it would be in the way.

I still wish you would ride this here

I like the turtle perched on Turtle’s “turtle”. :slight_smile:

+1 to comments about shifitng weight and stability on uneven surfaces.

I think the handlebar also helps the uni track straighter, although it could just be that it helps me track straighter. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s a great place to mount a bell and light.

I have just finished putting my new 36er together.

KH36 frame
T7 welded to steel seat post
CF seatbase with KH foam and cover
Oury grips
Nightrider tyre
150 mm Moment cranks
Straitline pedals
KH/Schlumpf hub
Spokes tied
Green anodized spoke nipples
Normal 36" tube

I will be changing a few things when I get the time or when the parts arrive. Hopefully some new twenty6 Prerunner pedals, All City stars grips and a proper paint job for the frame and handle. Not sure yet if I will get a brake.

I like the white frame.

I was considering getting my chrome/steel Qu-ax frame powdercoated black but it would be cheaper to get a new frame such as a nightrider but I would need to bend the frame to make it fit onto the narrow hub. I know how to do that but my concern is that the bearing holders would be misaligned…

Here’s my baby

Coker Big One
Coker Pi Bar
Tekro Vbrake
Eaton handle bar wrap
SKS xblade rear fender

how is the coker saddle? I’ve never gotten to try one. Any real advantage to the high top? I’ve had great success with a KH street. Tried the Qu Ax air saddle, the Nimbus gel, and a Naomi, finally settled on the KH

Its so-so. My friend has the kh freeride and after riding that I’ve fallen in love. I will be purchasing 2 of them ASAP for both my muni and my coker.

The hi-top saddles (old Nimbus, Coker, Torker DX, pre-Fusion KH, etc) are great candidates for customizing your foam shape. Go ahead and chop that foam down to something resembling a KH freeride. It makes a huge difference and is way cheeper than buying a new saddle.