Post Your 36er Here

I thought I’d throw my Nightrider into the mix with the rest of the ones that have popped up lateley. I just put the long cranks back on for a couple of rides to compare with the 125’s I’ve been riding. It makes me wonder if I would change my pedals a lot with dual hole cranks…

I like the lightweight pedals, and they work really well with Vans. A bit too grippy with 5.10’s. The brake is great with the 125’s. After switching back to 150’s I find that I’m not using it for hills that I once thought demanded it. Still thinking about a seat. I’m leaning towards a Qu-Ax air, or a KH Street. I don’t know. It’s a work in progress.


Frame: Nightrider
Seat: KH Fusion
Seatpost: Nimbus
Bar: Coker Pi Bar
Brake: Tektro V’s with Thumb shifter for lever
Brake Mount: Home grown $5.00 Hardware store special
Tire: Wheel TA (just changed from the Button Tread)
Tube: IRC 29’er w/presta valve. Rim grommet to adapt to smaller valve stem
Rim: Coker Double walled aluminum
Spokes: Coker Stainless
Hub: Coker Super Wide 48 spoke
Cranks: Steel 150mm, or 125mm Coker alluminum
Pedals: resin body aluminum caged mountain bike pedals with deep teeth