Post Your 29er Here

I was looking for the thread to post my 29er several times and found nothing like that.

Here, please post your 29ers and discuss them as usual.

My 29" GUni:

Originally KH 29er.
Nipples are blue ones.
Tire installed is Big Apple 2.35 (for the moment).
Cranks 127/150.
Schlumpf hub.
Wellgo B185 pedals.
KH T-bar + BBB bar ends.
BMX blue grips.
Avid Elixir 5 + KH star fighter.
Blue aluminum rear light.
Garmin EDGE 200 computer.
KH slim saddle.
Topeak saddle bag.
Mowa aluminum blue valve cap :smiley:

What’s the rim? When I had a KH standard muni 29 rim and the Big Apple, the tire would pop off because the rim was too wide.

This one is KH rim. Rode 27,5 km on it with Big Apple - did not pop off. Almost all the way on high gear.
BUT night before ride FOSS tube popped off and blowed out.

As I can see Big Apple was a little bit different before… Not sure thou.

OK be sure. I tried this combo before and it popped off. It’s very dangerous. I think I had the widest BA. The last thing you want is the tire popping off while going down a hill, in traffic.

Here’s my standard Nimbus Drak 29er with:

KH Freeride seat
Nimbus 150’s venture cranks
Nukeproof Electron pedals
wrapped KH T-bar
Magura Hs33 Rim Brake
Continental X-King 2.4 Tyre
Sigma Wireless computer

Here is my MUni 29", called “Briareos Hecatoncheires”:

  • KH Frame, Freeride Rim & 165/137 Spirits

  • D’Brake w/160mm Alligator Rotor, Shimano M445 Brake

  • M41 CrMo ISIS Hub w/DT 1.8mm Spokes

  • Schwalbe Hans Dampf Evo Tire

  • NNC Carbon Fiber Flat Base w/Neoprene 20mm Custom Shaped Foam & KH Laced Cover

  • Cockbar :slight_smile:

I hate for this to turn into another 29er tyre thread, but how is the X-King? I’m looking for a new tyre for my 29er after my Twin rail fell apart (after only two months! :frowning: ) The only problem is I need it to roll well on the road too. Currently using a Kenda Karma, and while it’s fine on the trails, it makes a racket on the road and sends vibrations up my arse :smiley: as well as feeling very slow on the road.

I’m no expert, but I like the X-King because it is pretty darn quiet on the road. It’s not as quiet as BA, but it is much, much quieter than it looks. And of course much better than BA on trails, rocky fireroad, etc.

I also like the knobbier Conti Trail King – ahem, “Rubber Queen” in your fair land – on trails, but it is way too noisy for the road.

(I’m not sure why the “experts” on here never praise these tires…)

Yeah that’s more or less exactly what I’m after - a tyre that’s nice on-road but I can still take on trails. Adds X-King to wishlist :smiley: Cheers!