Post-Wisdom Teeth Extraction Exercise

Any dentists or dental professionals on this forum? I want to practice wheelwalking, and i am 90% sure that its fine, but i know that if my heartbeat or whatever changes too much i can break the stitching in my mount. my mouth doesnt hurt, fortunately for me, as i know many people who are near suicidal after getting their wisdom teeth pulled.
just looking for a little reassurance or for somebody to yell at me.

Want it not to hurt? Follow your doctor’s instructions. It’s just for a few days, right?

the problem is i either didnt get or dont remember any directions. all i remember is seeing the tube in my arm, feeling a little weird, then waking up in a different room

Did you lose more teeth or wisdom? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a dentist’s recommendation, why not give yours a call?
Look at your discharge papers too. They may have instructions/recommendations.

yeah i decided to ride anyway. i got 2.5 revs wheelwalking, probably my best ever. i hope to get it down today.

Well I just had a tough tooth extraction myself yesterday. On the piece of paper the dentist gave me afterwards it said: no sports, no caffeine, no alcohol, not too much milk and no tooth brushing for the following 24 hours. I did ride home on a b*ke afterwards but not very fast. He had to worry the sucker out with a lot of effort. The roots were long and pointing outwards so he had to saw it in half and then worry the parts out with all his might. What a bloody mess…
Now there’s a rotten taste in my mouth and the hole where my tooth used to be is kind of swollen and very sensitive. But it gets better with time.

Glad you improved your wheel walking anyways. And I’m sure you’ll heal up quickly. I know I did when I had my wisdom teeth extracted a couple of years ago.

yeah the procedure went quite well for me; no pain afterwards, not all that swollen, not feeling bad, able to unicycle as much as i like. not bad