Post ur homebuilt ramps and such

post pics of anything homeade for unicycling like ramps boxes lines any of that stuff :astonished:

Here’s a 9 stair plus other trials obstacles I made not too long ago.

And the accompanying tutorial:

And a tutorial on making sandwich boards:

Brilliant. Spend hours making a set of steps, then jump down instead of using them.:smiley:

Unless of course the photo shows an amazing backwards jump up the steps.

haha xD

It’s an older thread, where you can see a couple of obstacles.

that stair set is awesomee

i built a ramp… but its not really worth taking pictures of…
i need to build a better one.

I bumped the other Trials Course thread because there was alot of good stuff in it, I think we should just write in the other one because it was already started… [Next time use the search thing before making a new thread, thanks]

I linked to it too… :stuck_out_tongue:

get over it.