Post Unicon XV Muni tour Video

Hi everyone,
I’ve had this footage for quite a while now but only just recently put it all together in a film. I really tried to focus not just on the riding but the awesome countryside as well as the personalities of the riders involved. In the mix there is a good combination of XC and DH riding. I recommend either using some good headphones or computer speakers to listen to the music as its supposed to sound (laptop ones cant handle the bass). Enjoy! comments are welcome too.


One of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen. Great scenery, riding, camerawork, editing :).

A great Video, well done.
Look’s to be the Best Country in the World :smiley:

that’s just awesome man, I wish I came with you guys!

thanks for the comments guys.

@tomtrevor- i’ve been looking at trails in the dolomites in northern italy and am planning a massive muni tour for after Unicon XVI. You have no excuse to miss that one! The two guys i was riding with in the film now have schlumpf munis so you’ve got some saving to do if you will want to keep up!


Great video Mark, I like how you did cool editing and creative filming. Like the endding haha. For you was your 24’’ GUni the perfect unicycle for the traveling and mix of XC/ DH riding?

Awesome video! Wish I could have joined the ride. What are the unicycles in use? I’ve been debating what to upgrade too as I’m on an entry level muni.

@ Dr D- all the unicycles used in the video are Kris Holm 24" Munis. Mine is a bit of a custom job with Schlumpf/ CF seat base/ Thompson seatpost. All munis also had a set of magura rim brakes- and at the time we were all riding on 150mm cranks. If you are looking to upgrade i’d recommend a 24" or 26" KH muni. The 26 has more tyre options and is a good size for moderate to tech XC and even DH muni if you can use a brake. The 24" is really nice if you gear it up (you can push high gear on singletrack which is a blast). A 24" singlespeed is kinda slow for xc but great for super tech DH. it depends on what type of riding you want to do.

@ muniing Sam- My 24" geared muni is just such a great piece of kit to ride. Since NZ i have made a few small changes to it. These days i’m using the 125mm hole exclusively, changed to Addict knockout pedals, and am using a Muni handlebar- (an old 20" lollypop bearing frame clamped to the brake tube on my rail adapter). I wish i had got a handlebar sorted out before NZ- it just adds so much stability and comfort, especially when cranking it hard in high gear.

thanks for watching!


Dude… awesome video … nice :slight_smile: really enjoyed watching. Great to see the different scenery and great riding to go with it. Good camera work !!

Mark, I’ll definitely join you in Italy. I’ll be getting a 26" guni next year some time. I’ll see you in Canberra for uninats!

Get your Guni up and running ASAP tom! Once you feel the wind in your face on single track you will never go back to single speed. Plus you’ll need some time to get used to it before the Karapoti Classic next year! Woop Woop.

Hahaha, great editing Mark, I completely forgot those footage myself !

You did a great job really, love the ambiance…I didn’t realized I took so many great shoot…hmm :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m honestly looking forward to ride with you again in Italy ! My bran new kh26" Schlumpf CANNOT WAIT to race your unicycle :stuck_out_tongue: héhéhé

Hmmm, should be the right time for me to work on a editing myself ! Haha !

Again, great job, very inspiring…I’m missing those trails so much !


PS : Now it’s time for some “cripstsh”