Post the Weights of your Unis!!!

Hey everyone, I am just curious to see what the average weight of your unicycles are. I thought that my 20" Savage would be over 15 pounds, but I weighed it yesterday and it was only about 10.5 pounds. So yeah:

Type: 20" Savage
Spokes: ONLY 28!
Weight: 10.5 lbs.

Yuni/ Nimbus 2
24x3 muni

andrew carter started a thread similar to this a short while back, try searching for that

Type: 24x3" Wilder Lightrider 6160c
Spokes: 36
Weight: 15 lbs, (7kgs) +mud

I tried a thread like this a while ago but it didn’t really take off. My custom 24" muni is 6.5kg.



5.6kg nimbus

The Orange Holm: now just under 5kg

Peter M

5.7kg (12.5lb).

Custom Torker DX.

15lbs/6.8kgs I believe right on, need to get it weighed again at the LBS… think I’ll do that today.

umm, my 36er is around 40lbs, and my Muni about 35lbs. :roll_eyes:

What is that made out of? Solid lead

5.00 kg

My munis like 7.8kg if my bathroom scales are right.

No I just filled the hollow parts of the frame with concrete so I would have a more solid ride. I like my unis on the heavy side; it makes for a much better workout!

Dude, are you serious? Thats wierd…

In fact, I also wear one of those aerobic weight belts to add even more weight. I think the belt weighs 20lbs.

(Oh, forgot to add this to the previous posts…but didn’t think I really needed to haha!:wink: )

Those water tyres are good arn’t they terry?


Do you fill your tires with water instead of air as well?

Never, that wouldn’t be heavy enough; I use chocolate pudding, which makes for a sweet ride!

You should switch to Mercury. Unigeezer would be more dangerous than ever before.