Post RTL: travel from Baddeck to Yarmouth Ferry

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getting back to Yarmouth
Hi! I’m looking forward to this amazing race. I’m David Stone of the Centurions team.

I’m planning to drive to Yarmouth via the Portland ferry. The issue for me is how to get back to Yarmouth after the race in time for my Saturday ferry; I think need to be in Y by 3 pm on the 21st.

I also need to pick up my car that day, so I guess I need to know about where it’ll be parked during the race.

Since I’m not using the car during the race, perhaps I could leave it in Portland. I’ll call the ferry people about that. It might save me some $.

Thanks for your help!

David Stone

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It would be more economical to leave the car in Portland.
Because the race starts from Yarmouth, you need only take “The Cat” and arrive essentially downtown. Yarmouth is a very small place.

Now, getting back from Baddeck, post-race Friday June 20 circa 9PM in time for a 3PM Saturday sailing back to Portland Maine will take a little planning.

Is anyone planning to return to the US of A in time to catch a 3PM, Saturday June 21 ferry from Yarmouth Nova Scotia to Portland?? I will tell you now that Baddeck to Yarmouth by car is all of eight hours, which means a 5AM start from Cape Breton, or an overnighter immediately following arrival in Baddeck, Cape Breton. Forewarned is forearmed.

Any RTL riders in a similar circumstance? Car pooling might be the best with this time line.

Let David know.

Best from the Bay of Fundy, where the magnolias are in bloom and the earth is fecund.


A secondary possibility that David has mentioned would be to fly from Halifax to Portland. This would be more expensive but possibly more realistic in terms of meeting his schedule.

In this case he would need a ride to Halifax on Friday night or Saturday morning. His teammates, Jacquie and I are staying through Saturday in Baddeck and will drive our team car back to Halifax on Sunday. We will have room in there for (probably) up to three passengers if others need a ride to Halifax on Sunday 6/22.

I’m also willing to hitch a ride, if that is a possibility. and I’m looking into buses, etc. I’d really rather not fly, as I’m completely unprepared for it (no bike boxes, etc).