Post pictures of your giraffes.

I’m tryin to figure out what kind of giraffe I have. I can’t post pictures, so everyone here needs to post pictures of theirs until i find one like mine… Come on, it’ll be fun!

I bet it doesn’t look like this one…


Here’s one of Beau at age 8 in China on his new 4’ giraffe. This one is a 20" cycle, but geared up so that it rides like a 27" wheel. Even back then he was pretty fast on it. The temp in the gym when I took this photo was over 40C.


Oops that photo was a little large. Anyway, if you have one of these I’d be surprised. It is a “CCC”, made in Beijing.


Let’s try this…

PS George that is hideous. Just kiddin. One of your earlier unicycles I take it? Couldn’t you have invested the 80 dollars I did and got one off ebay? I suppose it’s funner your way.

My 6’DM

And me riding it…


Speaking as one who has never ridden I giraffe, how in the world do you mount a 6’ uni :thinking:

I’m just barely even taller than it :astonished:

Nice DM. Anyone recognize what kind my giraffe might be?

As for mounting… it was way easier for me than I thought it would be, despite it being 2" shorter than me. I could freemount it the day I got it. Doing it gracefully is another story… and I’m still working on climbin’ it.

Hahaha! Those DM’s sure look nice, what’s the price tag on one of those?

It looks homemade, most giraffes are chrome with the exception of miyatas. The seat looks like a savage which are brutal, I would recomend replacing the seat with one that’s more comfortable, you will also need to replace the seatpost which may not be a standard diameter. Giraffes are a lot of fun aren’t they:D. I got a schwinn giraffe when I was eleven and I still have it and I got another schwinn given to me a few years back from a friend that I used to ride with. The second giraffe I replaced the wheel with a twenty four inch wheel. Have fun on it, Dan

Hey thanks Dan! Yeah, I’m already plannin on gettin a new seatpost and saddle. You’re reading my mind! However, the saddle on it was surprisingly comfortable. I think if it was repadded it would be okay but it’s got a wierd way of attaching to the seatpost and it’s bent pretty severely. And of course I love the silver glitter on white look.

There’s some more pictures if someone sees somethin that looks like theirs. It says made in Japan and I thought the fork looked different than most.

Sorry :slight_smile:

MuniTune, those pics don’t work :frowning:

Try using the attach function with the forum.


It takes forever to upload pictures :frowning: oh well, thanks!

that was slightly quicker


My giraffe is a boring old Savage 5’er. You want to see it? Yawn!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ