Post if your going to naucc!

I’d like to see who’s going from the forums. Lets start an add on list

1.Zachary Wenner(me)

Edit: Naucc 2008 obviously

I’m going to NAUCC 08!

I’m 60% sure I’ll be there. I don’t know where I’d stay or how i’d get there from the airport though.


I really REALLY want to go! They have MUni stuff liek 6 days in a row! But’s it’s also 1,300 miles from me!:frowning:

Add Pele Schramm to that list!

I have booked flights, car and hotel so only thing left is to figure out how to get the unicycles there.

  1. Zachary Wenner
  2. Forrest Rowell
  3. Brian Oley
  4. Pele
  5. Hugh
  6. Spencer

Im driving in from Spokane. It will be worth it.

You’re about 400 miles and several less driving hours closer than me…lucky you! And I’m deathly afraid to fly; that’s the ONLY reason I didn’t sign up for RTL.:(:(:frowning: (And yet, I catch rattle snakes! Go figure!:o)

you dont like to fly, but your not scared of getting air. Lol… (im talking about your 6ft drop that you didnt land)

Shaun Johanneson
Dallas Miller
Kelly Hickman
Kyla Hammer


Yeah, but I have landed bigger drops, but those are always with a good rollout, and adequate room to run up to it. Pearched atop a 10" square area of a phone booth, coupled with a totaly flat landing area, is not ideal for rolling out!:smiley: Oh, and maybe if I was flying I wouldn’t be so a-scared! lol. WHen I do drops, at least I’m in the driver’s seat!:smiley:

ALso, 6 or 7 feet is a tad lower than hurtling through the air at 35,000 feet in a friggin aluminum tube with wings! :astonished:

I will be there.

  1. Zachary Wenner
  2. Forrest Rowell
  3. Brian Oley
  4. Pele Schramm
  5. Hugh
  6. Spencer Hochberg
  7. Shaun Johanneson
  8. Dallas Miller
  9. Kelly Hickman
  10. Kyla Hammer
  11. Jerrick Crites
  12. Sam Haber

i WISH i was rich enough to go to NAUCC. theres a 10% chance i might go, i just need a few thousand for a flight, food, and lodging. Not to mention the cost of NAUCC itself. My parents also said we wouldnt drive there, so that means i need cost of flight, plus my parents probably still wouldnt let me/family go. dang people with money and time…

Step one, tie handkerchief to stick. Step two, fill handkerchief with essential items. Step three, start pedaling.

Yeah, “Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way!” (Don’t steal that, lol, I’m using it as a title for an upcoming video!:D)

Jacquie Foss
John Foss

Well thats a given :wink: