Post Height, and Hopping seat in.

Hi, I just started working on my hopping, i’ve seen many people hop up picknick tables, and large stacks of crates with the seat in, and personaly, I don’t really have to much want to learn seat out hopping because I feel like it takes away from the flow when you are unicycling. (although I will learn!) But anyways, I’ve raised my hops a meager amount, but have been having alot of trouble incriesing them, and i know its not a physical problem since I can jump almost five feet high with just my feet, but it must be a skill problem and possibly a unicycle problem, the reason I say this is for two things. The other day I lowered my seat to let a friend ride my uni (Torker DX) and then after he did I rode it myself, and when I hoped, I got much more height! the second reason is I DON’T have a 2.5 inch tyre. My tyre i’m running between 20 and 25 psi. I’ve looked at alot of the other threads for info on techniqe, but I don’t see anything about tyre’s, and seat post height when it comes to hopping, so I was just wondering if some of my questions could get answered. 1. how high should my seatpost be for optimal hopping, and 2. what tyre pressure should i be at, and will a wider tire make that dramatic of a diffrence? Also as one last note, I noticed when I grip the handle loosly I get more height, and I was wondering if I could get some comments on this. I’d greatly apretiate any response, and i’m sorry for the lengthy post.

Brett (cyberpunk),

notice what works for you.

YOU only can hop a limited amout when your seat is between ur legs.So the bottom line is you HAVE TO learn how to hop with the seat in front of you.I tried this and finally got it and can jump much much higher that with it between my legs.cuz you cant just keep chopin the seat lower each time to jump higher.As for tire pressure goes i have mine at bout 40 right now because it gives me more control when im hopping around and getting lined up to go up steps or sumthin. :astonished:

Obviously, a lower seat post will let you hop higher - you can pull the uni up more. The optimal post height would be what’s most comfortable for you. I ride my KH with the stock seat post as low as it will go - I didn’t cut it down any. You just need to find what height you prefer.

About the tire… I don’t know if you can get the same kind of rebound off a smaller tire that a 2.5" (I’ve never tried)… when you jump, you can compress the tire down and when it rebounds back up, you jump with it. The result - you’re launched in to the air. I don’t see why you CAN’T do that on a smaller tire, just make sure you don’t bottom out. A wider tire has more area in contact with the ground… so I’m thinking you would get a bigger rebound from a wider tire. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

About tire pressure - there have been many threads on this. The optimal pressure is dependent on tire width, you’re weight, and how hard you can compress the tire. There’s no set ‘formula’ for tire pressure… you need to determine it empirically. I ride about 26 to 27 psi in a 2.5" Luna.

A wider tire SHOULD make a difference… I mean, you never see a trials uni with a 1.5" tire on it… they’re wide for a reason, whatever that reason may be.


this isn’t entirely true… it only is when you’re referring to static hops. static hopping you can’t get more than about 20" seat in.
but rolling hops seat in, people have gotten over 3 feet because you can pull the wheel up in front of you. check out for a series of pictures of Dan Heaton doing a rolling hop on to the hood of a car.

I’m about at the limit for seat in, as far as I can tell. I really need to learn seat out, time for my first visit to


Oh, advice: learn seat out as soon as possible. It’ll make your life better later.

you’ve never gone there before??


Gosh maybe im not doing as much shameless advertising as I thought I was…

Seat out isn’t essential at all for big jumps. I can do 33" seat in when I’m feeling brave. It seems to be a bigger issue of my confidence levels than my skill now. For big sidehops (over about 24-28"), yes, seat out is neccessary, but I get the feeling he is asking for rolling hop technique. In this case seat out won’t make anything better. The biggest roilling seat out hop I’ve ever seen was 33" by Ryan Atkins, while I’ve seen him rolling hop seat in stuff that was at least 35".

Practice, practice, analyze, practice, analyze, practice.

Dan Heaton rolling hops like 7 pallets in universe two.

Thank you all for the tips, and yes I was refering to rolling hops, I just don’t really feel there is alot of information about them out there, other then GO FOR IT! Which in anything with unicycling is the best advice, but a few tips can always help, like I found i jump alot higher when my hand is loose, then it will usualy just tighten up automaticly when I jump, (Atleast i’m supposing it does ^^) but these are tips I think we should get out there! Urban trials, is a very airborn seat in style of ridding from what i’ve seen, and although I suck I plan on changing that really quickly, and just think there is enough tips out there for freestyle, muni, and natural-trials. We need some for the diverse ridding needs of urban-trials.

Perhapse someone exeptionaly good at rolling hops, like Dan Heaton, or another could make a small series of tips on perfecting them? And stick it on

methinks you’re referring to street riding, not urban trials. in urban trials unicycling, I think that seat out hopping is much more effective.

I am just learning to hop with the seat out. I havn’t had time to practise that much, but my friend has and he increased the height of his jumps by at least 10cm. in one day. Myself, I was filmin a lot of this and have not practiced that much. Still, I can assure you that learning to jump seat-out is worht the few hours it takes as you get higher and it is MUCH more fun!

get a 2.5 inch tire. practice.

don’t let your seat height get too low. especially for rolling hops at a certain lack of height it detracts from the amount of skill put into it, which eventually will detract from the max height you can potentially reach.

nothing will help you significantly besides practice and watching and learning from others, preferably in person.

Hopping is good. Its good that youre learning.:slight_smile:

Heres some of my findings. They work for me but everyone is different so dont think theyre set in stone or anything haha.

Tire pressure (i think JC said this somewhere very nicely). Inflate it a little past the point where it will bottom out (rim hits the ground) when you compress for a big hop or land a big drop. This usually works for me for urban/skate park stuff. With natural trials (pointy rocks and crap) i like to add a bit more air. Also if you feel like your tire is folding over, add a bit more air too.

Seat post height. As someone said, low is good. But theres a limit to how low cause it can get stupid. Too high and you run the risk of getting the boys involved plus you cant suck the wheel up as easily. You’ll really just have to play around with this. I know as i progressed with hopping (SI) i changed heights alot with different results.

I’m not sure about the grip thing. I hate miyata and old Kh style handles although they have their applications. Kinport and Reeder handles are nice.

I’M sure if you use the search button youll find a whole lot of tips on how to hop. I started by approaching the obstacle i wanted to hop diagonally cause this didnt require as much momentum and its easier to line up your pedals. Then, as i got a little better, i changed the approach to straight on. Roughly, if youre gonna hop something 1 foot high, then hop from one foot away. If youre gonna hop somehting 3 feet high, hop from 3 feet away.

…thats all i got…

(thats Señor Heaton)

Just go out and ride, im sure youll figure it out. Dont overlook Seat Out for too long. Its real useful. Im learning it now.

Mango mentioned that seat-out hopping is a must, and that’s a fact. On a Muni (my main gig), I can get by 80 percent of the time with the seat in, since dropping, not hopping, is the normal challenge, and for most hops on a Muni run, I can get by seat in.

I like to keep my seat pretty low, both to make sucking the seat up easier during hops, and to keep the center of gravity low – crucial for hard rolling. But there are times when seat-out work is essential, and here, having the seat really low makes the task more difficult–you need the seat a bit higher so you’re not hunched over holding onto a low seat. A quick release is key for quick heigth switches.

Lastly, it’s taken me months to start getting a feel for big (for me, a weekend warrior) seat-out hopping and dropping on a Muni. The extra weight, compared to a trials uni, makes the uni much more unwieldly and dificult to control. But you gotta get it down, so I’m still practicing that one, and will be for a while.


You must be a superhuman if you can almost jump 5 feet normally. That’s a 60 inch vertical and at my height that would mean I could get my hand 3 feet over the basketball hoop. :thinking:

He’s probably referring to how high he can get his feet off the ground, not his head. Jumping up onto a 5-foot loading dock should be possible for most people, because you can bend your legs.

If we’re talking about running jumps, I think that it’s pretty true most fit people could do it, but to simply do a static standing jump onto a loading dock, even with tucking, I think 60" is a bit much.