Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

Well I like the look too. I guess the real question is… How confident do you feel in the strength of this setup? :thinking:

To be honest: not so much.
I rode several times to the soccer field (about 1 mile).
Then it felt a little bit wobbly so I added two shims to reduce the play.
I wouldn’t do trials with it (which can’t do anyway).


Well it still looks awesome. so great work anyway!

I would guess if you can land seat in front then it could do drops as long as the hub is strong. Neat idea though! There was a thread somewhere about this sort of thing when the cannondale lefty came out and it’s cool to see that it has been done for uni as well.

This is excellent, May I copy this with a Lefty suspension fork? I love the concept.

Ineed, and not only one!

There were some more mentions, but nothing serious.

No problem. You owe me a beer.
Seems a lot of work to me to adapt a lefty.

Sure looks cool :sunglasses: could you put a small brace on the first 90’ bend to give it some strength

Yes, but this ist the first post showing somebody riding a “lefty uni”.
Being serious is debatable.

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That would have to be welded on. I cant’t weld (yet). Learned it in school more than 30 years ago but this doesn’t count. The thing is held togehther by loctite.
The bend is possibly not the weakest and not the most stressed point. The arc is machined from solid aluminium.

“You only have one fork!”

It’s no fork anymore - maybe a skewer.

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:rofl: :joy:

“You lost a fork blade!”

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It’s not finish but it’s not so heavy like my second 36". I don’t know how it feels but I think still good.


looking at that picture, (nice by the way) I’m guessing there is no way to adjust your seat height. so is it like one size fits all.

The Nightfox has telescoping legs - it’s a clever way to eliminate the seatpost and make a little more clearance for shorter riders. You can see the bolt that clamps the leg in place, at the bottom of the green part.


Now that is slick.

Just wondering what size cranks you have on your 36 please ?

That’s 150mm KH Dual Spirits cranks. I know it’s long for a 36" but you can change it of 127 mm . The Seat hight isn’t get Finnish of the final hight to ride the 36", there’s no seat and you can’t break with it but both are coming soon and then can ride the second big wheel.