Possibly wanted: Isis Cranks

137mm Moments or maybe Isis 145mm qu-ax cranks. Make an offer. I like my 125s for street but they aren’t nice for trials. I do still have my old qu-ax wheelset but I’m thinking it would be easier to switch cranks than whole wheel and tire.

Do 125s really get in the way for trials? I don’t see why it would even make a difference…

Edit: sorry if i caused a threadjack…

Too short, dont get enough controll.

Isn’t changing cranks much harder than changing the wheel? To change cranks you gotta have a crank puller and all that.

I say keep your other wheel for trials and then you can have one wheel for trials and one for street.

I think its about the same. Changing the cranks, even with a puller, takes a few mins just to unscrew everything and screw back in, and taking the wheel off is just unscrewing the 4 bolts and putting them back on.

Both are very simple processes.

People say you have more stability with longer cranks because you have a bigger stance which is probably true… but really, you have to try it to notice the difference.

I jumped on a thin rock and the uni went straight out from under me and I fell on my finger and jammed it.

  -l-  the "l" is the uni the (--) are the rock