possibly the most popular uni video ever!

ok … so i made a video the other day and i posted it to myspace … and they posted it as one of the featured videos so it has over 41000 views and rising umm heres the LINKAGE http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=773980053&n=2&Mytoken=13EA0FA6-E7EB-1089-F6848D01C2D9228B1151181
im happy that its promoting unicycling… and me as a unicyclist, even if its not that great of a video actually it sucks, but i think they did random hopping things so yeah … its there i know it sucks oh well

You do 2 easy gaps…uh…yeah

I agree, it totaly sucks, Way Way WAY too many setup hops, and wedding cake gaps. You suck so much.

Evan…Your so mean!..I was trying to be nice about it but man…You just killed him!

Wedding cake gaps… uh-huh.

That’s pretty funny.

As a beginner unicycler, I am impressed. I hope that I can one day that. Seriously.

And you guys above are mean (except Evan Byrne looks like he’s just poking fun at trials_uni)

He didn’t say it was the best unicycling ever, just that it got popular on myspace and he figured he’d show it to you.


evan is just a hypocrite. Just because he’s good he gets buttsore about anyone who is lesser than him.

sorry evan, but i have to put the smackdown on you for that.

lol yes it is … i said the video sucked…what did you guys not get about that… and the setup hops were because the picnic tables were moving back and forth like 3" … but still its promoting unicycling
ohh and one more thing … anyone who is good sucked at one point or another!!

No I was trying to figure what Evan meant by wedding cake gaps…

Well when something is easy we say its as easy as cake. Evan likes to add the birthday cake, wedding cake, etc.

Not completly, Wedding cake is the cakest of all cake gaps.

OK i wasnt really tring to be mean as much as i was just pointing out that what you did was quite easy. How long have you been riding…Maybe this is more impressive than we are led to believe…

lol i have been riding seriously for 3 months … doing tricks for 6months and just riding for 3 years

so i know its not great
i can do better … i coulda hopped onto the picnic table too, but i didn’t have enough video time left on my camera … that was just what i could cram on there

I’m 50 and IF I could do gaps like that I (maybe I could but I haven’t tried yet) would consider myself pretty dang good!:smiley:

I wish I could hop like that. The largest gap I can land is a crack in the pavment. What uni are you riding?

Evan, you’re a git.

Good job Skrobo! I love the movie reviews: “That looks sooo fake!”


my brother sent me that last night

he said something like …

i bet you cant do this

Lies, I never said that Dale. I just sent you the video cause I noticed it on the front of Myspace.

P.S. Hello.

shut up nathan

I would have loved you to jump up it. That would have been sweet.