possibly a new trick? (with clip)

I was messing around on my unicycle when I thought of a new variation of a superman. I call it a shiftyfoot for lack of a better name. if it’s not a new trick please don’t hesitate to rub it in my face.

ps. it’s the first trick I do.

nah i can do them too

i call it “truque dos pes trocados”

ive seen it before…

I wish I could do stuff like that. My stupid mental block won’t let me take my feet off the pedals.

thats nice :smiley: but i dont think its new… in fact emeric did sommit very similar in exeter yesterday…

Thats pretty cool. I’ve never seen it before, but I’m pretty sure it’s been done. (Oh no, maestro is gonna come in here and scold me for saying that :astonished: ) One cool this you can do with your supermans though is to extend your free arm, and put your feet together when your legs come up. This makes you actually look like superman :sunglasses: Oh yea, you have to extend our arm forward though.

how do you not destroy your balls without going in seat on stomach first?

Yeah, how can you do that!? It hurt even to watch those :astonished:

See, when you hit puberty, and your balls drop, you can kinda put them infront of you.

I call it BIF, Balls In Front… keeps them out of the way.

Haha! good one! :sunglasses:

so true tho

it may not look like it (it actually doesn’t look like it at all) but I’m pushing my butt on the back of the saddle so the weight is on my butt not my preciouses.

iv never seen that before so im going to go out and try it out.


umm thats jsut a underextended donkey kick