Possible wheel?

I don’t know what this is. I bought it second hand for 100 Kroner ($13/£10). Even though it has two wheels, it was quite a challenge.

Good video! It’s certainly quite rugged. I’m convinced of that.:slight_smile:

I posted on YouTube but for anyone stumbling across this on here, the keywords you want to find them are “Magic Wheel” or “Gauswheel”.

They make larger versions for adult sized shoes, but they’re generally pretty expensive owing to the custom hub and plastic moulding.

Yes I saw that. Thanks! I couldn’t find it in stock anywhere.

I believe Gauswheel may have gone bust back in about 2014 after they didn’t catch on. Magic wheel appeared back in around 2007 so they probably went bust many years ago!

Gauswheel especially put in a lot of engineering effort and made multiple versions with incremental improvements, all of which can’t have been cheap.

I have vaguely being keeping an eye out for a last gen Gauswheel as they’re a bit different with a disk brake and the small wheel at the front.

There are a few larger magic wheels for sale on eBay (US) right now though: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=magic+wheel+scooter

I think the impossible wheel is more possible, because you can brake with like like with a uni. Im not speaking from experience as I tried only once and found it impossible to ride with :slight_smile: