Possible Uni Meet In Iowa

Hi, I have been away from the forums for awhile but im back now, anway. I was pondering the idea of having a uni meet put on in the iowa/illinois area. I was just wondering if there was anyone who would be willing to help me out if your in the area and also if anyone would come. If it were to be put on there would most likely be a trials comp held, some freestyle comps in a gym (this gym would also be used for just playing around and getting to know eachother) and also a few muni rides organized for those who dont want either trials or freestyle and then one big muni ride for everyone.

The event will most likely be free unless the cost for me goes above a certain point in which case it may be around 1 - 3 dollars. But I’m guessing it will remain free.

The ideal location will be in Dubuque, Iowa. Which is the exact point where Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin all meet together. But the location could change in accordance with people attending and if i could get help in another location. Perhaps a club such as ISUUC could help put on the event in their area :smiley:

Let me know what you think.

When were you thinking of having it?

I think it’s a great idea!


Sugar Bottom near North Liberty would be a great Muni gathering. How many days were you thinking?

It would probobly be near later august a week or two before the school year starts as a nice end to summer. Or it could be in later september.

Sugar bottom would be cool too. MY only real concern is peoples attendance and people to help. I just don’t think the uni’ist population is very high in these parts.

I’ve been wanting to get down to Sugarbottom before the semester starts. It’s been two years since I muni’d there.


maybe we dont even need the freestyle/trails stuff. Perhaps we could just organize a large (or small) meeting down at sugar bottom. Camp out maybe and stay 2 or 3 days perhaps. Muni gone wild.

What would take place at this so called unicycle meet, would it be a contest, a demo a get together, a shindig etc. also when and where in iowa would it be

I would assume we can get a few guys from Iowa State to come over. My cousin and fellow GURAI rider is going to be a freshman at the U of Iowa in Iowa City (near North Liberty).

On a side note, the organizers of the 24 hour race in Boone, IA have told me they will set up a UNICYCLE PRIZE CATEGORY if we get enough entrants. The race is Sept 4-5.


Troy (phone number and last name on 24 hr race page) is willing to answer any questions about the race.