possible trade....26" MTB for Rowing 28er

any one have a 26" MTB for trade on my Rowing framed 28er?

im looking for a steel frame with 26 inch wheels. any offer consitered but bottom line bykes wont flow straight accross.

if you have an old Bridgstone XO-1 or Breezer AKA, somthing with style great, thats what im really looking for but i have a drastic need for a 26" Mtb or Hybrid at the moment so let me know what you got. frame and wheel sets consitered too.

i fit a 18 thru 20" frame depending on the TT a 21 to 22.5 inch top tube is my usual.

Re: possible trade…26" MTB for Rowing 28er

Yeah, an orange '93 XO-1 would be too cool…

Sorry jagur… I’d help you out, but I’m down to 2 bikes myself. GT mtb/Xtracycle and my Bianchi Pista track bike.

I actually traded a 26 inch muni for the GT mtb because I needed something to attach my Xtracycle to.

later… Mojoe

Re: Re: possible trade…26" MTB for Rowing 28er

Good choice in bikes. I have a Dahon/Xtracycle (I’m going to replace the Dahon soon) and a univega converted to fixie.

still looking fo a 2 wheeler, anyone got one fr trade on this?


ive gotton a few emails from this thread.


the Rowing Frame Is long gone.