Possible Stolen Unicycle in Philadelphia Area

OK guys, here’s the deal …

Last night I was at a party at 4037 Baltimore in West Philadelphia, my unicycle disappeared from the place where I had left it. I certainly don’t expect anyone on these forums to have been at the party, of course, but I would like it if anyone who saw it to get in touch with me somehow and inform me.

It looks like this:

It’s a stock KH 24’’ MUni with red Odyssey Jim C pedals and a red seat. It’s got a SWAT (Single Wheeled Attack Team) sticker down one side of the frame and two faded-to-indecipherability Wayfinder Experience stickers on the frame just under the seat post clamp (the 661 sticker seen in the picture fell off a while ago so I replaced it). Aside from that the only factor distinguishing it from other KH 24s (aside from probably being the only one in the city) is some pronounced keyway slop in the hub.

I don’t expect very much to come of this thread, but in the very slight chance that a unicyclist in the Philadelphia area sees and recognizing this, I’d really like to know about it.

A minor note … this thread may be a tiny bit premature because the apparent theft occured last night and there is still a minor possibility of it having been taken or moved by someone I know for a prank or protective purposes. But I figure the more I can get the word out the better chance I have of getting it back. Sorry to waste forums space on something as localized and specific as this, but if anything comes of it I think it’ll be worth it. Thanks in advance for any information anyone has.

Well, at least if it has S.W.A.T. on it, you’ll probably find it fallen over somewhere :slight_smile:

Some bozo may try to sell it to a bike shop. The unicycle has a very unique appearance. Leave copies of that photo at bike shops if you want to go to the trouble.

r u sure u dint get rlly durnk and moved it somewhere rlly stupid and u dont remeber where that is ?

the perpetrator could also try and sell it on ebay
not many people know a good unicycle when they see it and won’t keep it because they probably can’t ride either
if you see it on ebay i’m not sure if you could alert the authorities or what they could do

but you could just buy it (the theif will probably sell it cheaper than a unicyclist would)

good luck!


o yeah, my friend left his KH '05 on my lawn, and it was gone when we went outside, and it turns out his mom saw it and took it home and hid it from him to teach him a lesson

r u rrlly sure u shud continue posting ?