Possible RTL theme song...

Well, the only reason this isn’t JustConversation is that the song might be horrifically accurate for June’s Ride The Lobster race. When my wife and I were in that part of the world the black flies and mosquitoes were prevalent. Anyway, it’s a funny song/cartoon.

The Black Fly Song

haha thanks Steveyo, I haven’t heard that song in probably 10 years, It was one of my favorite songs when I was little :slight_smile:

Man those little buggers can get annoying; they have had me bleeding from the ears within 15 minutes of leaving the tent before.

And people wonder why I love winter so much.

Rock Lobster

Well, yes, I suppose that one would be good too!

man i love not getting flat tires in the woods anymore!!!

Abdominal - Pedal Pusher

No. It’s too clowny.

(No offense intended).


the song was taken off youtube, does anyone know where i can hear it?



Light Up Ya Lighter - Michael Franti & Spearhead