Possible remedy for shoulder-leading

Coincidentally I do have an interest in juggling, and have made some feeble attempts to learn it. It has come to my attention that both unicycling and juggling could be great therapy for people overcoming physical imbalances and injuries. :smiley:

Well, there’s no time like the present to have another go at juggling.
Our club met last night and I managed to get quite a bit of 3-count club passing done.
I feel much better this morning.

But that might just be the coffee.

I started learning to juggle with two balls going in circles to my right, trying to keep one ball in the air at all times. Soon after I started learning to unicycle I got some juggling scarves then learned to juggle all three almost immediately and practiced them for a few hours over a couple of days. Then I got on my uni and I could ride noticably better.

I could now juggle 3 scarves, but 3 balls was still way too hard. So I practiced untill I could juggle 2 for a couple of minutes w/o dropping to the right, left and alternating every three throws. Then I could juggle 3 for a couple of cycles.:slight_smile:

Do you juggle the scarves on your uni?
I’ve always thought a scarves routine could rock on a giraffe uni.