Possible reality failure

I was taking a ride around my neighbourhood when i discovered a
community skip (dumpster) had been left for local people to dispose of
unwanted items of junk and gardening refuse (the weekly local rubbish truck
only takes domestic waste)
as i had accumulated a small pile of stuff in my shed just for this
event i hurried back home and picked up some of it up and unied back, thus
the people in my local park (which i had to cross) were treated to the sight
of a 40 something, bearded, rather heavy chap wearing lycra cycling shorts
carrying an ironing board under one arm and a rusty car bumper in the other
hand ride past the play area on a nice red unicycle.
I like to think i caused a finite amount of reality failure to some
people this day :slight_smile:


ps an eight year old lad asked me quite seriously " have you cut off most
of your bicycle?" i replied “no, i’ve been victimised by half a bike thief”
…I think he believed me.

Trevor Pearce-Jones

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