Possible Mini Cal. Muni Weekend


Yesterday, Mango (Eric) and Jake from San Diego joined Morgan, Josh and I in San Fernando Valley to take a run down two outstanding and totally different Muni tracks: The high flying G-Spot, and the bumpy rollfest known as Devil’s Slide. In conjunction with the nearby Suicide Connector (G Spot, Devil’s Slide and Suicide Connector are favorites amongst the So Cal DH mountain bike brigade), we have a weekend’s worth of world-class Muni trails, centrally located, and it’s possible the SM Muni club will host another mini Cal. Muni Weekend in a few months to primere these three trails (easily done in two days). This will be a Saturday/Sunday affair with no banquet or t-shorts, et al, just riding.

For Muni lovers, these trails are worth the drive/flight.

Pics from yesterday’s ride will be posted on Josh’s (Entropy) gallery soon as possible. Unfortunately, my camera was acting up on G-Spot, and I only got a few shots (Mango and Jake were living large on that trail!) but covered Devil’s Slide pretty well considering I only had one of those point and shoot cameras.


I’m gonna have to see how this fits in to my schedule and whether I can afford plane tickets, but I’d love to head over there and hit those trails. I’ll keep my eyes open for more details.


Pictures, as promised

Yesterday’s epic ride:

Suicide connector:

There’s also the less grinding Hummingbird trail in the same area, which is what got us started riding in the San Fernando Valley area. Considering the landscape, its virtually certain that more excellent MUni trails exist close by.

Gimme exact dates, and I’ll be there.

(Just make sure it doesn’t conflict with the MMMW)

I could probably be suckered in.

Thanks for the entertainment fellas! I had a blast! The level of you three’s riding in such a short amount of time is mind blowing!

I agree these two/three trails would make a killer mini muni weekend. However, might i recommend that if youre considering joining that your muni skillz be adequate/you have lots of pads?

I think only the First 2 pics that josh linked 2 are of G-spot. And those arent even of the big stuff. There was so much crap there that i just stood at the top of and shat myself. Ben PS this trail has your name written all over it!

Lets do this again soon, muni weekend or not.

Much thanks to MaryAnn (sp?) for taking the pics!

I’d be down with it if I can mooch another ride off Mike.

Its so, so, DRY!

I’ve never seen a trail here without mud and loam… welcome to the East coast.

I’m gonna try and make one more run down Suicide Connector before heading down to Venezuela for Christmas and New Years. I’ll try and get some shots of the best parts, which are totally ridable but terrific, calling on multiple skills (drops, rolling, tractoring, et al).

Suicide Connector is perhaps the best overall trail of all three: G Spot, Devil’s Slide and SC. After a wildfire torched the place, and several hard rains washed much of the dirt away, it’s super rocky–and it’s always been steep. A couple sections that are as yet unridden (ultra steep and sandy) as well as some dirt jumper lines we haven’t tried–including several 10+ foot drops waiting for someone with a better back then mine.

Suicide Connector is as hard as you want to make it, and is the site of the most horrendous body-slam UPD (Josh) I’ve ever seen.


A lot of Southern California is desert. And a lot more is almost desert. Streams dry up during the summer, and trickle during the winter. I blow sand dunes out of my nose after a ride.

On top of that, the vegetation on all three trails got toasted by a forest fire a couple of months ago.

I second what Erk said…I had a great time! The trails were awesome and the riding, damn. I don’t need to repeat whats been said. Jon thanks for lending me your KH, it was a luxurious change from my peiceoshnit ride haha. Josh those were some HUGE drops u survived, maybe next time I’ll feel like dying and give it a go. Thanks again!

chances are, if mike and beven are going down, i’ll probably be going down too :slight_smile:

it just depends on when - i’ve been busy lately. (red rocks climbing for xmas break).


…as long as we have beer :slight_smile:
and I’m sure Catboy could whip up a t-shirt!

Did I miss the dates or something? Or is not figured out yet… ?
Please make it after January 9th :slight_smile:
Sounds like a great ride!



I would love to come down also. But I’ve got a lot of other trips already planned for next year, so I hope it fits into one of the gaps. Watch out for Moab, which is usually around the last weekend in March.

A small MUni Weekend could lead to a future full-scale MUni Weekend on those trails… :slight_smile:

And yes, Southern CA trails are dry. Even up here in the North part of the state we don’t get any rain (at all) in the warmer half of the year. But the trails I rode in Santa Barbara probably get even less precipitation. This makes the dirt loose, which presents riding challenges as your wheel sometimes wants to “erode” off the edge. At the same time, good trail etiquette tells us to tread lightly, and try not to wear things down any more than we have to; to preserve the trail for future rides and riders (including ourselves). So a dry, crumbly trail presents challenges just like a muddy, sticky trail.

If you guys can move it to anytime in the beggining of January I AM SO FREE TO GO! I finially got a Muni and everyything, so hit up the dates il try to be there…