Possible (future) Trials setup-- recommendations?

I was originally planning to get the KH 20" wheelset and put a Summit frame on it-- I already have a spare Miyata seat and some pedals. Price= $320 Plus shipping

I then realized that the Onza seems like a very good setup as well, coming in (the whole uni) at $350 plus shipping.

So Which one’s better? I want a uni that will last, especially since I plan on getting better :slight_smile: and using it for harder and harder stuff. I think that as far as the hub/cranks go, the Onza seems a bit better, but my original intention was to save money. It seems like maybe I should just go with whatever is better.


I just read the thread about the Summit trials… how does that compare to the other two setups aforementioned?

I know this may seem weird to be responding twice to my own thread, but i just realized that the Summit uni is the KH uni, just a wee bit heavier :roll_eyes: silly me.

So as of right now, the summit ($250) does look like the best, unless the price changes.

Thanks for the help, me!


I’ve found that, my long time friend, me, is my best helper in the world. He’s always nearby, eager to assist, and his suggestions are always great, with no snide side remarks. :smiley:

Although I must admit that he is of limited intelligence. :wink: Moreover, he never tells me when I’m wrong. :angry:

Three cheers for all of our best friends, me, myself, and I!!!

the Summit is the screamin deal.

one thing to note however,as a person that is always paying attention to detail i have noticed the KH20 wheel set being sold at $242 isnt the KH wheel set at all,its a Summit wheel set.the KH wheel has black spokes,the Summit has chrome.

look for yourself.



Agree the price seems much more attractive than the Onza. I’m just wondering what the “true cost” is of those little protuberances…everyone talks about them, but do they reall cause ankle problems? Do you tend to compensate around them if you’re better? I stink at trials right now, which is why I want to buy one so I can practice and get better. Just fearing the pain from those cranks…

[/i]i have noticed the KH20 wheel set being sold at $242 isnt the KH wheel set at all,its a Summit wheel set.the KH wheel has black spokes,the Summit has chrome.

John’s disclaimer seems to be saying that the only differences are weight and spokes…do the different spokes make it a “Summit Wheel set”? I’d think the rim, hub, cranks, and protuberances would be the main features that define the wheel. Being a newbie to spoke-science, I’m wondering how much of an effect the different spoke type have.

the point is,its a Summit wheel not a KH wheel like as advertised.

Is there any Diff between the 2 except Kris wanted his spokes Black?

I find it funny that the Summit wheelset is $242 and the Summit Uni with a KH saddle and all that good stuff is only $250.

Yup, I get the bait 'n switch part. I’m still wondering how much of an effect the different spoke type has. It was meant as a legit question, not just an attempt to nickel and dime your assertion to death.

It gets messy when you have different mixes of components, all often from the same factory or source, being sold with different names on them. If there’s a frame attached, and especially if that frame has a sticker on it, it’s easy. But when it’s just components, sometimes the distinction of names gets meaningless.

The KH and Summit hubs are the same (I’m assuming). You can sell them under different names, but it can lead to confusion. Is the difference between the two wheelsets being discussed only in spoke color? Or is this just an assumption based on pictures on the Unicycle.com Web site? The pictures are what we must go by when making our buying decisions, but sometimes they are not the exact stuff being shipped. That’s a separate issue.

So let’s say I have a Summit splined axle, and a KH splined axle. Assuming they’re exactly the same piece of hardware, is the KH one worth more than the other? I think it could command a higher price to an unknowing market.

And then, would that price be “wrong?” No. Without Kris Holm, there would be no splined Summit axle. Period. Charging more for the name is perfectly reasonable.

It all makes sense now. . .

Well, I’m off to earn a quick $250.