Possible Crankflip Variation.

Would it be possible to do a “Slow Flip”? It would be a Crankflip but the rotation would be slower and more noticable. I’d imagine you’d have to jump higher to allow more time for the flip, but would this acctually be do-able?


if you watch shaun johanssen’s flip tricks video, you’ll notice the second trick he does is a late flip, which proves for certain that there is plenty of time for that sort of thing even when jumping off a sidewalk. i imagine its possible, but i think the amount of “slow” you can put into it is limited

I think it would look more accidental, like if you do a rolling no footer it will look like you aren’t trying to flip it, it just happens. I actually think if its flipping slower then it will be less noticable. I don’t know, it might look cool, I think I would have to see one. I think a double flip would be more noticable than a slow flip.:slight_smile:

I dunno, I just thought it would be kinda neat.


Slowflips, lol. For sure. Hmm, like flying flips kinda, ride fast, jump hard and far, but spin them slowly, it’s like gapping without catching it early. Funny, but kinda tricky. Then there are fast flips (weedburners) imagine crankflipping without jumping, haha, the wheel leaves teh ground by about an inch (no joke, one inch), and you don’t jump off the uni. It’s rid. It’s like a triple flip speed with on flip. Whatev. GOod stuff. laters

-Shaun J

I can crankflip without hopping, I just ride forward. :roll_eyes: