possibility for a "true" 20 inch trials setup??

these rims… are on an aussie site, i was wondering if anyone could show me the tires that are made to go on them… they are 36 hole rims.

it would be interesting to see, and if you had this setup you could use the slick “chopper” bike tires that are super duper fat.

one more question, the way they are measured, are they 48 mm rims, or 45mm rims? (unicycle equivalent size is what i’m lookin for, i don’t know how they are measured)

Haha, just saw those this morning to.
They look realy nice and strong.

they do look pretty good… i would rather have my Koxx street rim, but i still think this is a possibility for a good “upgrade” to slick tire.

they use a 20x2.1 tire. You could get an animal asm for it. Id post a link but I am on my ipod.

anything that uses a 20 inch setup will work fine on it unless either the rim or tire is about 2 inches too big or small.