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I’m commuting on the 20’‘er to work at the moment as I’m still a bit scared to ride the 29er on the road through the town, it’s only a couple of miles and it’s a bit quicker than walking. Tonight riding home from work I passed a couple of police men getting into their van and one of them said to his colleague ‘I wont make him ride that on the road, that would just be cruel’ so I gave him the thumbs up and said ‘thanks’, I don’t know if it would have been any different if I’d stormed passed on the 29er, anyway I was wondering if anyone has actually been told by the police to get off the pavement and ride on the road while riding a 20’'er.

I have never been stopped when riding any Uni on the pavement, including the 29er at night (I only do this when there seems to be a lot of stupid drivers on the road, or they all are excessively speeding). Normally the only time I ride on the pavement is when I’m with one my kids as they are too young to road ride.

I don’t think I have been passed on the, extremely rare, occasions when I Cokered on the pavement. It will be intresting if this draws any comment from the police.


The only time a policemen ever talked to me about unicycling is when we were jumping around on the benches, and he told us we couldn’t do that anymore. So we waited until he left.
…just kidding… we went somewhere else to jump around on the benches.
One time when I was riding my coker on the left side of the road, a bunch of guys in a car ‘buzzed’ me. Meaning they came behind me, on the right side of course, sped up to ~60-70 mph then came to the left side of the road as close to me as they could without hitting me and honked their horn really long. This doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re talking about exactly, but I felt like I should mention it. ( :

I’ve had three encounters with the police when unicycling.

One when I was a long haired teen in NYC and hadn’t yet learned to ride. I was walking with a borrowed unicycle and a cop told me to ride it or he’d assume it was stolen. I can’t remember the whole exchange but I managed to persuade him that I was learning and it was borrowed not stolen. Really shook me up. :frowning:

The second was when I was just starting out again after not riding for 17 years. I was riding around town and this cop on patrol on a bike rode up next to me and said, “There’s always a show off.” I offered to teach him to ride and help set up a unicycle patrol squad, but he declined. :slight_smile:

The last was when I was working on riding backwards in a parking lot. Two cops in a patrol pulled up next to me and one said, “Buddy, I have some bad news for you”. Then after a long pause during which I figured they were going to throw me out of my practice area, he said, “You’re going backwards.” It was a fairly lame joke, but I laughed appropriately and told them that was the idea. :slight_smile:

I got stopped riding on the pavement on a 24 a while ago, but only because the police were doing a bit of a campaign to stop bikes riding on pavements. This was on the main road between the uni campus and the main studenty housing area, so loads of people ride on the paths - students who bike to lectures here are actually issued with a permit exempting them from all traffic laws, so aren’t required to use lights at night, ride on the roads or stop at red lights. Sadly, mine appears to have been lost in the post.

Anyway, when I was stopped the policeman explained what we were doing and asked if I had any thoughts on how it relates to unicycles. I explained about it being a lot slower than a bike and my reasons for not riding on the road, and he agreed that the path was possibly the best place for me to ride. I also said that I agreed with him about stopping bikes riding on the path, much though I love being a human skittle to those that bike on the pavement at top speed, which may have helped.

I was quite impressed really. He seemed genuinely interested and was open to reasonable discussion, rather than doing the stereotypical ‘respect my authority’ thing. Having said that, I can imagine it would have been different if I had talked to him with a ‘stop hassling me, you evil tool of a repressive society’ type attitude (4 letter words translated for the forum).

What I am now slightly curious about is what happens if the same guy sees me on the coker on the road. Could require some interesting explanation…


Easy, on a Coker you go faster, so the road is more reasonable.

I was riding my 26" muni on the road when a SUV (explorer?) pulled up beside me to match my speed. I looked over and it was a police suv.

Driver: Hey, someone stole your wheel

Me: I should arrest you for bad joke telling

Other two police guys: laugh hysterically at driver

Police SUV: Drives away

I know that, you know that, but the question is wether I could explain it all to the policeman without looking like a complete hypocrite. I’m fairly confident I could though. I can explain all the road safety benefits of a higher seat compared to bikes, as well as the more bike-esque speeds.


Argh! A post at 9am on a saturday. I got up to go riding, okay. Really should go now as well.

Funny thing is the very same day (yesterday) after I’d started this thread I was riding home from a restaurant through town in the 20’'er and decided to ride through the train station to avoid a gang of drunkard types outside the pub at the front of the station, although the station was deserted as it was quite late I was told to ‘get off yer bike, monocycle whatever you call it’ by a man in a luminous yellow jacket, probably the station attendant, anyway I respected his request so as not to cause any trouble, I bet that was the highlight of his evening in his otherwise tedious job.
Result for the day then.
Police 1
Station attendant 0

I was coming up to a roundabout riding on the pavement when I police car went past, stopped at the roundabout and one of the policemen stuck their head out the window and then the car drove off.

I got kicked off the sidewalk on my 24. The roads here are bad enough that I’d be doing plenty of falls if I did ride on the road…I’d ride on the roads if I thought it was safe, but I don’t.

I checked the laws. They specificly state “No bicycles allowed on the sidewalk” (nothing like “no cycling”) and a bicycle is legally defined as having “two or more wheels in tandem”, so he really had no legal right to tell me that.

Also interesting…It’s illegal to ride a bicycle here without holding onto the handlebars.

It is, however, illegal for anyone to honk their horn at me in enthusiam, which at least 15 drunk college drivers did today.

Interestingly, though, where I was once stopped was outside the county police station. I go by there daily, and have gotten many, many positive comments from the officers there and lots of thumbs-ups.

Which is why I found it a bit odd to get stopped there…but it was a city cop who stopped me, not a county one.

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On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 03:32:47 -0600, “Skippii” wrote:

>Also interesting…It’s illegal to ride a bicycle here without holding
>onto the handlebars.

It would be more interesting if it would be illegal to ride a CYCLE
without holding onto the handlebars. “Which handlebars, officer?”

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well if that happens, just take a pair of handle bars off your bike and carry them with you. I don’t think the law says the handle bars need to be attached to the cycle, does it?

Cops have always been cool whenever I rode my unicycle on the road or on the sidewalk.
They don’t bother me, I don’t bother them. 'nuff said.

wierd cuz if u were walking with a bike he probably wouldnt have said ride it or ill assume its stolen.(wait was he kidding?)



also, i live on base, so every time they do the check on the neghborhood i get kicked outta the street. i expect it. its always a different person performing the check so the same person never has kicked me off twice. :wink: i wouldnt ever ride on the sidewalk- to little for me.


I don’t think I’ve ever been in a run in with the 5-O but I get told to leave alot of shopping areas (My main terrain). One lady that owned this dentristy place was getting real mad at me and by brother (on a skateboard) for riding down and over her steps. It was real funny because she told my brother to stop riding that “dand roller board”. Also one dude called my unicycle a unicorn. I was outraged.

A few weeks ago I was in Vancouver B.C. and rode my trials unicycle all over the place. While rideing across one of the big bridges over fales creek, I was joined by a police man on his motor bike. He rode beside me all the way across the bridge, we just grinned at each other. Rode 17 km that day.