positions affect riding capabilities....

I do not know if this is true, but for most riders as I see it, for the best trail riders are right leg back (because most people are right legged)(there are plenty of exeptions) and the best street riders are right leg forward, because you flip the cranks with your stronger foot (if you are right legged) I have noticed this, has anyone else, watch the trail video’s for FLuck, then the street. I dont know who is left legged and who is right, but should people starting out unicycling pick right leg back or right leg forward when they start, to decide if they get good at something what they would want to be good at, there are plenty of exeptions, but is trails easier with your right leg back, makes sence to me, and street easier with your right leg forward (for those who are right legged) Are the limitations less for trail people with right leg back, are the limitations less for those with their right leg forward? What are your guy’s/gal’s thoughts on this?

you might have something there, but I think it’s coincedence. you’re going to hop with whatever feels natural, and then move into whatever style you want. It might make certain styles of riding easier depending on your stance though.

riders who prefer right leg forward (and are right leg dominant) are more likely to push mongo on a skateboard. whilst right leg dominant people who prefer left foot forward when hopping usually push no mongo. regular stanced. opposite for goofy footed riders.

i do unispins the hardest possible way because of my handy/footy

and what is the hardest positions for unispins? We could even go into hands, like which you do tricks/ride with, is it better to always keep the same, what are the benefits for the hand position and which way is easiest to spin, I’ve been thinking about all of these, I should write down my info and try to make a table chart of how to learn things to have a better chance to do things easier with less problem.

its all really complicatedly simple…

ok, the uni spins, to catch it i have to follow the spin, because i spin it to the right and my left foot is forward. if I spun it to the right, i would probably be doing 720s by now, i can spin them easily enough.

Ok, so you are spinning them to the right, and if you spun them to the right you would be doing 720’s? what?

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for some reason it wont allign the monkey right…

I was bored, made this monkey out of unkown elglish letters, though half are known…

i meant to the left. im a little out of it atm

i wonder if i could change my footy and learn them over again

I find riding on my head to be detrimental to my street riding.

Honestly though, I think this is just a normal attempt to find correlation where none exists. I doubt there is a best way, just a way that’s easiest for people…and, since that’s probably pretty dependent on the dominant leg, it would make sense that most people do it right legged…ly.

I think it’d be easier/a better study to compare foot placement vs. dominant foot between the styles, as opposed to just looking at foot placement.

but surely then the non dominant leg would strenthen?

i would assume you mean trials not trails. assuming you are…
i ride trials right foot foward and cannot do crankflips. and both of us are right legged.
and another friend is left foot foward and good at street.
for trials it makes sense to pedal grab on your dominate foot (regardless of front or back) because all the control comes from their
they are easier based on the person’s control of his legs not his legs stances

i am the opposite of this, i am right foot/hand dominant but can only one foot ride and pedal grab with my left foot.

Just for the purpose of giving information: I unispin counterclockwise and hold with my right hand. I can hop equally far left as i can right and i ride left foot back.

I’ll just clear this up because I dont really get your post ckcrowe.
Right foot forward people are left footers/handers and left foot forward people are right footed/handed.
I think all the trials/street foot position links are just coincidences. I’m left foot forward and I’m street, but I’m only a little bit crap. Nothing to do with foot position though, I just suck.


That’s not true at all. I’m right footed/handed and I have right foot forward.

no I didnt say anything about hand position in this post, I was reffering I could do one, but I was referring how it is easier to flip the cranks with your right foot, and easier to hop higher/you have a sturdier base with your right foot back for trials if you are right foot dominant, I was wondering what people thought of this, then some other stuff.


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henka, thats odd. that what i thought it was.

well i prefer flipping left foot forward and hopping lleft foot forward, but I’m right footed/handed.
meh I dk then

Well, im right footed, but ride with my left foot forward.

Im mainly a trials rider, and do considerably well, and for street, I see no difference using my left foot. I can crankflip, getting close to doubles, and unispins are easy too.

Im right footed, however i ride left foot forward.
But the thing is, the last few days ive been learning to crankflip and ive landed one already, but i flip with my right foot forward.
Im not sure whether this will affect my riding when trying different variations, as i do unispins with my left foot forward.