Portland State University MUni Club

My son is starting a MUni club in Portland Oregon and needs to recruit 4 more members to make it “official” (he has only himself now). Check out the poster:

pretty sweet poster.

if i Was only closer :angry:

Yea, if I didn’t live 100 miles away I’d be down. Y’all should start a poster creating club too, because that one is just that cool.

LOVE the poster! Could we use it for the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend T-shirt? A free one for him of course, and his name properly attributing the cool artwork.

This is if John Hooten doesn’t come up with a good inspiration in the next few days; we have to get the shirts ordered pretty soon!

Thanks, please email me at the address below (in the sig).

great idea, now not only can you have the Cal muni week-end partialy in Nevada once again, but you can have the CMW T-shirt with the google map of Portland and the Willimette river in back ground… :roll_eyes:

100 miles… thats not far

well, more like 115, but when you drive a truck and gas is over 3/gal it’s pretty far.

I “muni” on a 20" Torker CX but i’d be glad to sign up, although I don’t go to PSU I live near by tell him I’m up to it he can contact me at ducttapeunicyclist@mac.com

I’ll be in Portland, Oregon starting on the 21st or so and would love to hook up with some of you guys for a rdie and/or to crash at your place if possible. Please see this thread for more details, and post there if you have anything to say. Thanks!

Peace & Love