Portland, Oregon unicycling article

This turned out better than we expected. Ducttape is featured, and my (Ben Schoenberg) section is good, although “Christmas” is not quite the right holiday to describe when I got my first uni (actually Hanukkah). :stuck_out_tongue: We don’t celebrate any holiday and call the retail season Winter Chaos. More funny, since the article got started because we were working at our store on Christmas!

The print version is the largest newspaper in Oregon, so it should be read by a lot of people.


Great article! Too bad the section on distance riding got cut. The group 55-mile ride with the planned ride-along was one to remember!

good to see it acually made it to press, I had my doubts since the author was total flake.My expiriance started with a nice message on voice mail about this story and how she wanted to “really talk to me”

Well I broke off a few calls. Obviously after 3 and never getting anything but an answering machine I started to wonder. I left a message and never heard from her again. Great reporting…

pretty good article, awesome! Polo looks like a pretty fun uni game… shame no one I know rides any more :frowning:

I would have liked to see more pictures in the article, although it was pretty good it it could have been better. I agree the reporter seemed a bit of a flake… She asked me about 10 extremely redundant questions when I “really talked to her”… productive meeting for sure, good article. Had to laugh at the fact that my way to large amount of posts on a forum this large was featured… I need a life outside the forums… :stuck_out_tongue: