Portland Oregon Unicycle Social

For this?

May 24th.

Thats when me and Phil will be going down.

this will be happening May 24th we’ll all meet at serious juggling around 10-11am and ride the rest of the day… we can meet earlier if people want to so we have more of the day to ride but I think most people will be able to get there if it’s around 10-11 then if we started at 9am or something.

Getting close.

Any word on this for you Jackie?

ya jackie, do i need to come meet the rents? i will … should probably do that soon.

I am gonna definitely need some help with gas btw guys. i need to get new tires pay $200 in some bills(rent, cell phone, insurance, electric) and beable to live all on 400 bucks so ya

I’m going to make it! I’ve got about $60 dollars for gas so far. There might be more if I’m lucky, but I’ve got 60 for shure.

Ok, the weekend is in 6 days now and the title I stuck this thing with is pretty lame, anyone have any better ideas for names?
does anyone have a better idea of if they can make it or not?
Are there anymore people who might want to come that didn’t see this thread before?

Ok guys. I can come on two conditions:

  1. I find someone to cover my shift at work (yes, I was dumb enough to not request it off)

  2. Someone can get me a 27.2mm Post, as mine is broken, or will the shop have some?

GAH! I dont have a ride!! I live in canyonville if anyone wants to pick me and 3 others up :roll_eyes: Im actually pretty sure that we would be able to pay for the gas if someone were to pick us up.


What kind of seat post? KH style 4 bolt? Miyata style 4 bolt? Rail?

where is canyonville?

and just to be clear to everyone. The BIG day of riding is going to be on the 24th thats saturday. But Jerrick, Jackie and I are meeting up with Madison on the 23 and will be there till the 25th

So thats 3potential days of riding in anyone wants to meet up and hang out. With that in mind keep us posted if you are coming and if you can only make it one day, 2 days or all 3 or any of the 3 let us know

Kh style.

Hmm … I think the Unicycle for Christ folks make a better pitch.

I talked to Ben and Yvette at Serious Juggling and they can get you a new post but it’ll cost ya $20.

Oh! and this is to everyone, Ben and Yvette have a EXTREMELY Useless unicycle in the store through the weekend! Some guy decided that he wanted to buy a unicycle, so he bought it and put RATCHETED CRANK ARMS on the thing it’s nearly impossible to ride but SUPER FUN! it’s like trying to walk with your unicycle under you… As Phil said earlier They will be here from the 23rd through the 25th if anyone wants to come up a little early(or stay a little late) you can, I just can’t provide space in my yard for you… My mom has said “the inn is FULL!” so you’ll have to find a place to stay for a night but there’s a few extra days to ride!

Ok, I guess I’ll just end up doing that.

But i’m having troubles with finding someone to cover my shift, so we’ll see.
edit: my 1111th post!

I hope you find someone to cover your shift man, it’ll be awesome to ride with you.

I saw that too. After spending all Saturday explaining to people why it wouldn’t make sense to have a freewheel on a unicycle I was amazed to see someone had made a unicycle even more disadvantaged than just forgoing the fixed gear. Not only do you not have the ability to apply force backwards to stay upright, but the pedals are going to move all over the place on you independently of one another!

I wondered if the ratchet required a bit more force to go backwards, if that would allow just enough force to stay balanced. But then that would probably throw your balance off if you tried to make use of the ratchet?

It just goes to show that just because you can build it it doesn’t make it a good idea!! If you’re gonna ride it I’d wear a helmet - you’re eventually going to fly backwards off of the thing!

I don’t like the fact that the cranks on it are actually almost as long as the wheel’s radius. It makes it hard for me to ride, I was pretty successful with it though. I also figured out that the cranks have a little button that switches the direction they ratchet, not sure how useful that is but I at least got the cranks to be horizontal and rideable like a normal unicycle for a half revolution before the crank at the top of the revolution falls down to the bottom. Stupid ratchets… I will ride that freaking unicycle without support eventually!

Ok, got someone to cover!

All I need to do now is form a plan to get there. Would it be convenient for someone to pick me up from the train station? Or should I plan to ride the bus to seriousjuggling?

I think we would be able to drive to the train station on the way to serious Juggling from my house and pick you up, the car might be a bit cramped though. I’ll call Phil and see if we can pick up the train station, if not then take a bus number 77 to Broadway and 37th, and walk .1 miles southwest to Serious Juggling. Bus Fare is $1.50 for a 2 hour ticket, I’m pretty sure we can pick you up from the train station though.