Portland Oregon Unicycle Social

On May 24th there will be a ‘unicycle social’ here in Portland Oregon because I missed North Bend Uni Meet and I wanted to host my own ‘get together’ so we can all get to know each other and just have a good time riding in a not so organized group of awesome unicyclists. We will start the day at Serious Juggling, their address can be found on the front page of their website here. People of all skill levels are invited to come, We’ll just be riding around downtown and maybe visit a skatepark in Forrest Grove and doing some trials and just having fun talking, riding, watching, and learning.

 We'll be taking Tri-met around so bring a bus/MAX fare and we'll be out all day so either bring money for lunch or bring a sack lunch. We'll end the day back at Serious Juggling with some donuts and unhealthy refreshments because they're the best things to have after a day of unicycling. ;) If you can't make it to Serious Juggling at the start I'll have my cell phone with me all day so you can call me at 503-989-5360 and find out where we are at the time. If you need more information you can email me at ducttapeunicyclist-at-mac.com 

 I will be glad to answer your questions and I hope to see you there. The start time is still TBA because I'm waiting to find out when some friends from out of town(just outside Salem Oregon and Spokane Washington) to let me know what time they think they might be getting here.

Hmm… might be an actual possibility :).

I’ll see what my parent’s say. With any luck at all I’ll be able to just kinda drive down there ;).

Ive never been to Oregon before…

Cool, it would be awesome to ride with you man, maybe I can learn a thing or two. :slight_smile:

I need to… umm… I forgot what I was going to say but I’m 80% sure I can make it.
I’m not so sure how sure my dad is though… I keeps you updated Madison…

Talked to my parents. They said if I have good grades till then I can go by bus/train :roll_eyes: Well, at least that’s a probable yes!

The train ride to Portland from Seattle is awesome!!
Great scenery, if you’re into graffiti, sit on the right side. It’s a great ride.
It would be sweet to meet up with you, man!

Awesome Pele! hope to see you here on the 24th!

You know ill be there. Will we be riding at the places in your altest video? I saw some good lines at some of those spots.

yeah, we’ll hit all those spots and any other spots that I remember while we ride around town hahaha.

We should ride at Rose Garden Arena untill they throw us out and then ride at the Convention Centre a few blocks up untill they throw us out!

we can if everyone else wants to, depends on what the group wants to do.

Great idea! I’ve got it on my calendar but can’t commit just yet, I need to be in the area near the end of May but am not sure of the date so will have to wing it.

BTW Pele: You’ve never been to Oregon!? You gotta get out more, dude. :smiley:

Sounds fun. Ill try to come and fun with you guys.

Hey Shay and Kenny, glad to hear we have a few more people wanting to come, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys there!

Still unsure of start times, the group from Spokane will be here late friday night so we can start any time saturday morning. Any Suggestions? Me and everyone from spokane will be able to make it to Serious Juggling within an hour of waking up, so I was thinking starting around 10am and going until everyone is tired(or it gets dark whichever comes first). If you can’t get to Serious Juggling by then I posted my Cell Number earlier feel free to call it and find out where the group went.

I might be able to make this, I’ll have to see what’s going on then. It’d be fun to watch you guys ride, but I’d definitely be outclassed. :slight_smile:

Well I invited people of all skill levels to this so it should be fun for everyone :slight_smile: If this is successful this year I may want to make it annual and have there be actual events on certain days but for now it’s just a ride around portland and have fun type thing.

I think I already had something unicycle penciled in that day based on an earlier message … I’m a bit of a different sort of unicyclist than the day you describe … but I’ll definitely try to be there. Too good a chance to meet some other one tire fliers!

If this year goes well I’m going to try to do it annually and to make a few different events and make it a 3 day thing with Distance, Trials, and MUni riding on each day but we’ll see how the turnout for this year goes. Hope you can make it Leif, I finally got around to changing back to my 125’s and I stuck the crank puller in my bag so I can drop it by the store tomorrow, OR we can figure out a time we can both do a ride and go down Spring Water Corridor a ways, I want to get back out and start putting the miles back on my 36’er again.

apoximent date?