Portland OR needs Trials Riders

I just got a paycheck today, it’s just enough now to pay for either a new phone or a bus ticket to spokane after camp is over.

<Cough>…<forced, inauthentic COUGH>


ya jagur i broke my phone so i lost your number. i’ll email you one of these days. i should be making a few trips up to detroit soon after i do a little scouting. i ride silver falls a lot too. the park rangers don’t like unicycles on the hiking trails so i try to keep either keep to myself or one other rider so we can stay hiden. i haven’t forgotten about you though. you should come up to portland with me one of these days when i go up to ride with madison. i was supposed to go ride with him today but i can’t afford gas.:frowning:

hey, every time I see you there’s a bank within spitting distance and I’m willing to run over and get the money but you tell me not to worry about it.

Who do you mean moved to Eugene? I do trials and I’ll be moving to Eugene this Fall for college and I’m really hoping to find some unicyclists there to ride with. I’m a lone rider in my town right now…

Lol, where were you guys during the Portland ride back in May?

thats why i gave you my number on a piece of paper, paper lasts longer than cell phones now days.

its less gas to go to Falls City, why bother with Silver Tourist city Falls?

BTW the last uni i rode was yours and b4 that it was 8 months ago, let me know if you wanta ride somtime or buy a Hunter. Im up for both :slight_smile: